Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A long(est) layover in Minneapolis..

Hello everyone!

I was supposed to be back home tonight in Seattle, but alas, I find myself alone in Minneapolis for the night.
Though I am rather travel weary--my travels in the past two days have included a road trip from NJ to Boston, bus ride from Boston to NYC, public transportations from Penn Station to Laguardia, and an airplane ride half way across the country--and the last thing I would have wanted was to be delayed overnight in a city I do not know, I find that I am actually quite at peace, and very thankful 
for everything that has happened yesterday and today.

so here are my
travel musings.

road trip from NJ to Boston
1. Why didn't Tom and I ever hang out at Foulger?  We spent almost 6 hrs sitting next to each other during the road trip, and it was awesome.  I learned a lot about his farm--they farm with oxen! how cool is that?!
2. It's really confusing to navigate the NJ highway system. But it brought a lot of laughter to the beginning of our road trip because we kept getting so hopelessly lost  haha
3. I really like Boston.  and Cambridge.  
4. also, the people in it are pretty great.  miss them already.

bus ride from Boston to NYC
1. Thank you to the Boltbus guy for steering me away from the wrong bus--almost ended up in Albuquerque or something like that.  Whew!

public transportation from Penn Station to Laguardia
1. NYC subways have WWWAAYYY too many stairs...  especially if you are carrying 2 suitcases.
2. but thankfully, the people are really nice and will help you up multiple flights of stairs even if they were heading down them originally.  Thank you dear strangers!
3. Thank you to the NYC cop and his cutest German shepherd who led me to the right subway and decided to let me through the gate for free--especially since I don't think I had enough left on my metro card!
4. Thank you dear taxi driver for the comprehensive lesson on Indian music.  It was really fascinating!

1. thank you to the customer service person who tried so hard to find a different flight for me (my original flight got delayed and I was going to miss the connecting flight).  Though she didn't succeed and had to call her supervisor, she tried so hard for almost half an hour..
2. thank you supervisor for getting things sorted out in 5 min.  I don't think I could have stood there for much longer...
3. thanks Delta for providing me with a hotel and meal vouchers for the night when I missed the connecting flight in Minneapolis (2nd connecting flight missed of the day...) I thought it was a weather delay?  whatever. no complaints here  =)
4. so excited for my dinner at midnight--yay for 24 hr delivery restaurants!

It's a funny thing, really, being by myself in this quiet hotel room; 
I've been constantly surrounded by people for the past 4 weeks, and that's also how it is during the most of the year for me. I'm a rather social creature, and thus I find myself spending almost entirety of my waking hours with people.
And when I'm not with people, I'm usually working on something, or there's usually music playing, or a movie playing, etc.

So having this complete silence and being all by myself, doing absolutely nothing, is definitely a peculiar experience for me.
Perhaps because of that, my thoughts seem louder than normal.
but perhaps also running at a slower pace and therefore clearer...?
or maybe just more in the foreground rather than swarming around in the background.
or maybe it's just a byproduct of me being incredibly sleep deprived.

I would go to bed, but my sleeping cycle is... a bit off kilter at the moment  haha
also, the fact that I have to be up at 4:30 am is really putting a damper on my desire to sleep.
it would be much easier to stay up until then than to get up at that ungodly hour...

in the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy the best salad of my life.

Talk to you soon with the Lincoln Center update!
It'll be more coherent, I promise. haha!
Thanks for stopping by.

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