Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Routine

Hello everyone!

Remember how I said I had soo much free time in this post?
I should have known that was not going to be the case...  haha
how did my schedule fill up so quickly?!

But I actually think I secretly enjoy being incredibly busy.
or perhaps it's not really a secret...
There's just something really exciting about having so much to do that you almost feel like you wont' make it.
But of course, you know you CAN do it,,  
well, you are 90% sure that you can manage the work load.
It's perhaps this presence of the other 10% that gets your blood pumping and pushes you to your max.
in the most un-adventurous sense?  haha

Though I seem to work best under pressure, I do enjoy a chill day now and again.
actually, I really love them.
just chilling,,, eating, reading, cooking, eating, exercising, listening to music, eating, watching tv shows...
and that's exactly the kind of a day Amulet and I had today!

You see, we kind of have a Sunday routine.
We wake up, eat breakfast, and then do some exercise videos.
Then, we [try to] practice [a lot].
sometimes we are successful in this endeavor,, sometimes we are not..  
today, we were not...  haha

After practicing awhile, we both came out of our [practice] rooms, looked at each other,
(it was clear neither of us wanted to practice any longer)
and proceeded to the kitchen to make some chocolate chip cookies!!!!

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!!

We were planning on practicing while these were baking, but we soon realized that was not going to happen.
 it just smelled too heavenly in our house!!  
There's nothing like the smell of chocolate chip cookies wafting through the house 
to distract you from your practicing..
We basically ended up just chilling impatiently by the oven the whole time  haha

and in a couple of minutes, we were rewarded with warm, gooey, and incredibly delicious cookies!

After we had our 5-year-old moment with our cookies, we went back to work.
It should have been more productive, but at least for me, it wasn't.
Usually, thise sort of unproductivity can be fixed by refocusing,
(mind over matter!!)
but today, I didn't even feel like refocusing! 
(mind over,,, mind??)

These are the moments when I just have to say,
'ok, maybe I just need a chill day'
It's actually a lot more difficult to say this to yourself than you might think.
In fact, it's taken me a very long time for me to say this to myself,
but I think it's healthy.  =p
I'm pretty sure many of my musician friends are gasping in horror at this, but TRY it!
It's good for you  ;)
(just don't have a chill day every day   haha)

After deciding to have a chill day,
Amulet and I went back to the kitchen to concoct some Dakdoritang!!!

I love Dakdoritang!
We used my Grandma's recipe, and it tasted pretty great!
It's always very perplexing to me though that no matter how much I try, 
it never tastes as great as my Grandma's...
Is this another matter of practicing..?  haha

Our dinner!!!

With our dinner in hand, we enjoyed a couple episodes of Tudors.
Such a scandalous show!
I was so shocked when we first started watching them!  haha

I don't really watch TV, and the only show I've seen in its entirety so far is 
How I Met Your Mother (thank you Netflix and summer vacation).
However, if we continue this Sunday routine, 
Tudors may become the 2nd TV show I've seen in its entirety!

Oh, can I go off a tangent and point out our [fake] fireplace?
We are so proud of it, mainly because the top candles were SO difficult to find.
We found the candle holder at Goodwill, and there were many store visits and returns 
before we found the candles that would work actually work with it...
Perhaps because it's antique? 
I'm not sure,,  but boy am I glad we are no longer on the hunt for those candles!
But I think it turned out pretty beautifully, don't you think?
We love candles at the Blueberry household.  ;)

 Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!
Here's to the start of a productive week!  =D

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