Friday, August 17, 2012

Seattle Memories

Hello everyone,

Today was day 3 of orientation at Rice, and I can really feel the excitement building up!
But before I launch into everything new that is happening, I just wanted to take a minute and reminisce about Seattle a lil bit  ;)  Especially because Linda and I did so many fun things that I never got to share with all of you!
If you are ever in Seattle, I recommend doing alll of these things!!  =D

1.  Visit the Deception Pass
It is located about an hour and a half north of Seattle, and though it is a little far, 
we unanimously agreed that it was completely worth it when we got there.
I mean, look at these views!
It is one of the most beautiful sights I have seen.

 There are also many opportunities to frolic by the beach or during the hike.  
A couple of the things we enjoyed were climbing boulders and throwing rocks when some sign tells you to not do so.  haha  (don't worry, we didn't actually throw them)

The best part?   
the summit.
you can sit on a ledge and just chill thousands of feet above the ocean and the trees.
The view is really breathtaking.

2.  Golden Gardens Park
If it is above 80 degrees, and you are in Seattle, that means you have GOT to go to the beach.
Why? because you'll only get that temperature for a couple of days out of the year.
tanning season in Seattle is very short, so when it comes, you have to take advantage of it  ;)

but beware,,, the water is still freezing!!

3. Visit Queen Anne.
Queen Anne is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, and it is a darling little place.
I mean, it has things like this ice cream bike!  So cute!

also, it has one of my favorite coffee shops.  

mostly because of this wall,, boooookkksss!!!
Though I mean, I think the coffee is pretty good there as well. I just am not an expert coffee person, so I can't say if it's really top notch or not.

There's also this really awesome sandwich shop called Homegrown.
It's definitely a must-try  =)

4.  Cook at home using incredibly fresh ingredients from various farmer's markets.
Well, this is pretty self explanatory  ;)

5.  Visit Molly Moor's.
Best. Ice cream. Ever.
so. good.
Especially after a night of dancing at a near by swing club  ;)

6.  Visit Color Me Mine.
It is a paint-yourself pottery studio in Mill Creek, WA.  
It's about half an hour north of Seattle, and there are others that are closer. 
We chose this one though because they said they could fire our mugs and have them ready to go in 2 days!
That was crucial since we were flying out in 3 days  haha
It was so much fun, and both Linda and I highly recommend the place  ;)

oh wow.. this is getting to be rather long   haha!
So I will continue with more of our adventures in a different post soon.
Stay tuned for Seattle Memories Part 2!!
Happy Friday!

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