Friday, August 24, 2012

Roommate bonding

Hello everyone!

When Amulet contacted me via Facebook last semester to be potential roommates, 
I could've never guessed just how much bonding adventures/times we would have together this year.
I mean, it's only been 2 weeks, and the fact that I already have so much to write about says something...

First, let us start with the air mattresses.
When we first got to our apartment, it was completely bare.
Being the amazing roomy she is, she blew up 2 air mattresses-one for herself and one for me- to sleep on the first night.  aww so sweet!  =)
In a couple of hours, however, both of them had deflated...
No matter what we did, we just couldn't seem to keep air in these air mattresses!
After a couple of mornings of waking up on the floor surrounded by the air mattress material,
we each got our own beds, and she bought a new air mattress for guest use.
That night, we blew that one up so my daddy could sleep on it for a night.
Much to our delight, this one kept its air for a long time!
Much to our chagrin, the mattress kept its air much too well...  
This time, no matter what we did, we just couldn't get the air mattress to deflate!
We left the cap unscrewed for a full day.  nothing.
We rolled around on it with the cap unscrewed.  nothing.
We got the automatic pump and set it on the deflate mode. nothing.
we were so perplexed.

Purely by chance, I happened to insert my pinky into the cap, and we heard a gush of air.
I couldn't figure out what was causing the mattress to deflate, but as long as I kept my finger there, it seemed to do the trick.
So, for the next 15 or so minutes, Amulet and I rolled around on the air mattress while my pinky was still stuck in the cap, trying to deflate this too-well-made air mattress.
and there was much laughter shared at the ridiculosity of the situation.
That has got to be the most eventful air mattress deflating I have ever experienced in my life...

Another major bonding moment happened when we decided to do our laundry together.
Usually doing laundry for me gets as exciting as how great the clothes smell,
but this time, we were so excited to do laundry because Amulet's dad had fixed our broken laundry machine for us the day before!
Little did we know that it would break down once again... 
this time, right before the spin cycle.
This meant that all of our clothes were still completely submerged in soapy water when the machine broke.

So...  we went fishing for our clothes in our own washer!
Amulet individually wrung them out, and I transferred them in a laundry basket to our neighbor's washer.
(soaking wet clothes are incredibly heavy, by the way)

That would have been bonding enough, but then we realized that we probably needed to get rid of all of the water just sitting in our washer...
Now, I'm sure there are ways to get the washer to drain by itself, but how are we to know that?

So we did the only thing we could think of;
we employed cups and trash cans to manually pump out ALL of that water out of our washer...

talk about roommate bonding...
 We made so many trips to the sink with the trash cans...
But!!  We did get a killer arm workout that day!  =)  haha

So, as you can see, our lives at the Fighting Blueberries Apt has been quite eventful.
What I love about living here with Amulet is that we always seem to be laughing;
we are both pretty 'chirpy' people.  haha
I mean, if we can laugh while we are manually pumping the water from the washer, I think it's safe to say that we laugh through almost anything  ;)

I have a feeling we're going to be having more of these bonding moments,
so stay tuned!  haha!
Thanks for reading, and happy weekend!!!!!!!

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