Thursday, August 2, 2012

a day trip to boston!

Hello everyone,

I went on the day long road trip to Boston after Foulger, 
and it was enough to make me fall in love with the place   =)
I wouldn't necessarily say that it was a love at first sight, but it seems that every time I go visit, 
the more I like the city!  
The city is exciting, yet is more chill (chiller?) than, say, NYC;
It obviously has the east coast vibe, but it still manages to put my west coast heart at ease.
Besides, the buildings are charming.
So much history!!

Because I didn't have much time this trip, and because it wasn't excessively planned out
the way San Francisco trip was, I'm afraid this post is going to be rather short and not very informative at all about what one could potentially do there...  
It was a very chilled out sort of a day among wonderful company, and I loved that very much  haha

But if I could recommend one thing to do, I would highly recommend walking from Cambridge to Boston at night over the bridge.
It is quite a beautiful walk.

city skyline, the full moon, the water...

and when you do, you'll notice that the bridge is measured out in Smoots.
I think it was someone from MIT who came up with this unit of measure?  haha
In case you were wondering exactly how big a Smoot is, we found that it is just slightly shorter than Kurt. =)

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Friday!

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