Saturday, August 4, 2012

Linda + Me.

Hello everyone!

Linda is here in Seattle with me!!!
She is one of my bestest friends, we grew up together in the little town of Aurora, NE, and she is HERE!!  

Obviously, I am ecstatic about her presence here,
and I can't put into words just how excited I was to see her at the airport when I arrived!!
It was my lil bro and Linda who came to pick me up when I landed.
I know, you are thinking, wait,, shouldn't you have been at the airport to greet HER when she arrived?
Yes, yes, I should have. However, since my flight got delayed overnight in Minneapolis, 
Linda got to spend a whole day with my family sans myself.
and nope, it was not weird.  She hung out with my mom, went shopping, and took a nap in my room.
That's the amazing thing about growing up together in a small town;
your friends' parents kinda become your second (or third) set of parents.
After all, I probably spent a similar amount of time in Linda's or Emily's (the third leg of our tripod) houses as I did in my own growing up  =)

After getting home from the airport, I contemplated taking a nap, (exxtttreeeme sleep deprivation, you see) but there was no way I could do that when I was so excited.
So what did we do?  We went shopping!  haha
We didn't end up getting anything--it was more of an excuse to eat ice cream and hang out,
and we loved it!

And we went and watched "To Rome With Love" which sent us into a flurry of daydreaming episodes 
about going to Europe (more specifically Rome) and being romanced by both the city 
and the strapping persons of the opposite sex.  
But mostly the city.  haha
Woody Allen did such a great job about capturing the feel of the city!!  

When the daydreaming episode ended, we went to indulge in what our hearts really desired.
The Third Place Books in my neighborhood is seriously the greatest.
I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in this place;
new and used books. food. treats. games. clever little items...  can't get much better...
I was so happy to get to share being there with Linda who enjoyed it just as much as I did  =)

We were right at home  =)

Giant chess set?  yes please! 

vending machines these days...
She'll be here for the next week and a half, and I can't wait to explore together the different parts of the greater Seattle area!!
Talk to you soon with more of our adventures!
Happy weekend!

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