Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello Houston!!

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for such a long absence!  (it's almost been a week!!)
For the past couple of days of Linda's stay in Seattle, we were too busy just hanging out and trying to enjoy our time there to the fullest (especially when our friend Garrett joined us!), 
and then last friday, Dad and I flew down to Houston and we've been working nonstop to furnish my apartment down here. (who would have thought so much stuff was needed to furnish a home!)
It's been a grueling process, but our apartment is finally coming together, 
and I think I'm really going to love living here with my roomy Amulet  =)  
I'll post the pictures of our home soon.

In the meantime, Dad and I took a break from trying to get everything ready before his departure today and took a stroll through the beautiful Rice campus today.

Shepherd School of Music!

right behind the music school

Taking a break in the shade  =)

well, hello Mr. Rice!


Orientation starts tomorrow, and I am still marveling at the fact that I can feel this unbelievable excitement and this feeling of disbelief at the same time.
Is this really happening? Am I really starting my Master's degree at Rice? Is this real??
But I am definitely SO ready to start this fresh new chapter in my life!  =)

Talk to you soon with more updates!

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