Sunday, August 5, 2012

Markets and Burgers

Hello everyone,

I know this is an incredibly 'touristy' thing to do, but on the second day of Linda's visit, we ventured out to the Pike Place Market.    
Yes, I know that's where everyone goes when they visit, but I honestly love that place!
Though I have visited the market many many times, every time I go I discover new shops (because there are like 3-4 levels, and I never tend to go visit the bottom most levels), and there always seem to be new stall vendors selling unique and interesting items.  
I absolutely love the energy there!

There are also plenty of shops in the periphery of the market, and these are really fun to visit as well.
This one, for example, was a tea room where we could sit and try all sorts of different teas they carry.
Unfortunately, it was quite chilly (in early August when it's super hot everywhere else, Seattle weather tends to stay around 60s-70s degrees), and drinking hot tea has got to be the best way to warm up!  =D

Though we could have easily had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Pike Place Market, we decided to venture away from that area to visit the Red Mill Burger!
the BEST burger ever.

and their onion rings?!?!  
definitely a must try!

I must warn you though, the burgers are rather large, and you may suffer from 'too much food syndrome' afterwards.  But 'tis still worth every bite!

my friend is so beeuuutiful!

Happy Sunday!

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