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Seattle Memories [part 2]

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Part 2 of Seattle adventures!  =)
For the majority of this section, my Dad's friend's daughter Jungwoon, and her friend Hyesu joined us!
They are both from Korea, but are studying abroad at Arizona State and NYU respectively.
Apparently Jungwoon and I hung out together a lot when we were toddlers, but unfortunately, toddler memories failed both of us, and neither of us remember these incidents  haha!
However, it was fun spending a lot of time together and 'reconnecting' in about 2 decades!

Anyway, I believe this is #7 now from this post?
7.  Visit Ivar's Fish Bar
This is a Seattle classic, and the fish here is so fresh!
and the ordering system is pretty fun as well, especially if you go during their busy hours;
they yell at you, and you yell back at them with what you want  ;)
After you get your food (their chowder is a must try), you can sit outside by the lake and feed the seagulls french fries!  
Don't worry, it may not be the healthiest for them, but the Seattle seagulls have probably evolved differently in order to allow them to survive on french fries;
they just flock to Ivar's for their meal!

8.  Gas Works Park
If you feel the need to burn off the fish and chips that you consumed at Ivar's, 
Gas Works Park is the perfect place to do so!
It used to be an oil refinery, I believe, but instead of tearing everything down, 
they decided to keep everything and make it into a park!
I think it has a post-apocalypse-esq feeling  ;)
It's fun strolling around among the 'ruins' and enjoying the Seattle skyline.
When we visited, there was also this drum circle happening!  pretty awesome!

9.  Chittenden Locks
Seattle is famous for its salmon, and if you are interested in seeing large salmon climbing up the salmon ladder, this is the place to go.
Unfortunately, we missed the closing time by a minute (literally) but we still got to see some salmon passing by through the door!

10.  The Underground Tour
If you are a history nerd like me (and even if you aren't), the Seattle Underground Tour is worth going on at least once.  
I've been on it 4 times now, and I think that is a bit excessive, but the tour guides are really entertaining!
You get to hear pretty hilarious stories about the beginning of this wonderful city called Seattle, which apparently began among such noble acts like much drinking, much prostitution, and much corruption.
Perhaps that's why everyone in Seattle is so chill?
I love this city  ;)  
Also, you'll hear why it is that the 'streets' that we walk on in Seattle connect to not the 1st floor of the buildings you see, but the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th floors of the buildings!!

Also, if you go into the gift shop, they have some really fun knick knacks to browse through.
For example, we found this book, The Art of Kissing: Tips and Techniques from the 1930s.

Approved Methods of Kissing, eh??  ;)
apparently, the manner in which the kiss is performed is vitally important.
I figured I shouldn't spoil it for the book, but if you feel like knowing how to kiss 1930s style,
check this book out!  hahaha
The 4 of us had a lot of fun giggling over it.  
I mean, what else would you expect?

11.  Go eat at Serious Pie
the pizza here?  so. good!
and you can see them firing it up in the fire oven as you walk in!
what I thought was really cool was that they seat you wherever there's room on this long table, 
so you actually end up sitting next to random strangers!
Perhaps you wouldn't want that if you were on a first date or something,
but we had fun getting to meet people sitting around us  =)

12.  Bottega Italiana.
If there's one thing I can never say 'no' to, it would be any frozen dessert.
Ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, shaved ice, gelato...  
you name it, and I will have it any time of the day, any time of the year.
Bottega Italiana is located next to the Pike Place Market, and their gelato is SO good!!
Strawberry Basil was my favorite  ;)

13.  The Cinebarre
This is only for the 21 and older crowd, since it is a mix between a movie theater and a bar.
But it's so cool because it has a row of chairs and then a row of tables, 
so you can eat and drink as you watch any movie of your choosing.
The crowd is fun too since everyone is over 21, and mostly around the same age, 
it's never crowded, and the atmosphere is a little more casual;
I mean, everyone is eating and laughing along with the movie,
so we never have to worry about being too quiet.

Linda and I visited it to watch the new Batman movie (which was AMAZING), 
and when Garrett, a childhood friend of ours from Aurora, NE, came to visit, 
we went again to watch Hope Springs.
Talk about the most awkward hilarity ever.  =)

Last, but not least,,
14.  Shopping!!!!!
Linda and I visited the Seattle Outlet Mall twice on this trip,
and the second time just so that we can go get these lovelies.
We had seen them the previous trip, but decided against buying them.
However, we just could not get them out of our heads!
The golden beauty was my birthday present from Linda!
Thanks friend!!  You the best!!  ;)

It was so good to see Linda and hang out together in Seattle.
It was a break both of us needed quite desperately,
and I really appreciated the chance to spend some quality time with her before we left for our respective schools for the year.
Linda is attending Columbia University it NYC, and I am SO proud of her!  =D
She's going to be a chemical engineer!!  woot woot!!
Though I am incredibly happy for her,
I can't help but being a bit sad that she'll be so so far away...
NYC to Houston is 1627 miles!!
Ah well, I guess I'll just have to go visit NYC   =p  
no complaints from me there!  haha

Well, thanks for reading about our Seattle adventures!
It is a truly lovely city, and I do hope that you will get to visit and experience it sometime.
Talk to you soon!

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