Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My New [Practice] Room!

Hello everyone!

This was the first time I have had to furnish an apartment from scratch,
and let me tell you, furnishing a home is no small task!
I just never realized how many things were required to make an apartment functional,
and to make it feel 'homey' required that many more things...

Amulet and I have been making so many Goodwill and Target runs,
and I think our apartment is really beginning to feel like home.
The living room and the little side room (maybe it'll become a library..?) still needs a lot of work,
but our rooms are all done!  

So here's the first look at my room!
It also doubles as my practice room because I like the idea of being able to lay down on my bed when I get tired of practicing...  
I can foresee this becoming a very dangerous habit (naps?), and I may stop practicing in my room in near future, but for now, I am loving it!  haha

So, welcome to my [practice] room!!
Here is the infamous, dangerously comfortable, bed.
And Audrey. 
She was a Goodwill find!  =)   
I discovered her discarded among dozens of tacky flowers at the store, and knew she was coming home with me right there and then.
Definitely a love at first sight moment  ;)
She's in great company among my Interlochen bear, some lovely candles, some Hemingway, 
and the book, Elegant Universe.  
If you are interested in metaphysics, it's definitely a very interesting read!

This corner is my 'study' corner.

Dad and I found this little corner desk at another Goodwill store along with the chair.
The lights are a gift from my very first roommate ever, Alina, and I've carried it around everywhere.
It makes me smile every time I see it.   
Such fond memories of Interlochen with that lady  =)
There are so many meaningful things on this desk that remind me of everywhere I've been.
Love this corner!

Well, so my favorite color used to be blue.
I say 'used' to be because I'm not sure it'll remain my favorite color for very long...
I mean, look at this room.

So. much. blue.
Blue walls, blue curtains...
This presents so many problems because when I go shop for things, the default color I go for is blue.
However, with my room being what it is, I can no longer acquire anything else that is blue!
(my car was initially going to be blue, but thankfully, that did not happen. whew!)
I need a new favorite color!!
any suggestions?  haha

Anyway, this corner has the dresser my Daddy and I put together.
That was definitely an adventure.
Neither of us are very used to using our hands to build things, and we were not prepared for how complicated a dresser building turned out to be.
I mean, the manual was as think as a book!  
so many steps...
However, after like 5 hours, and one redo (we put a part of it together backwards...)
I love this dresser!   =)
This corner also has the star I got in Seattle--home sweet home!
and other memorabilia from different chapters of my life thus far.

Well, that's my [practice] room!

see?  my violin and my bear spending some quality time together.

As we start getting different parts of our house decorated, I'll post more pictures  =)
Thanks for stopping by!

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