Monday, September 15, 2014

New Room in Boston!!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my humble abode!!
I'm so excited to share my new room with you today.  It's a lot smaller than the room I had in Houston, but I really love how cozy it feels.  It's also much brighter in here than in my previous room, mostly because I put in a lot of extra lamps haha   and I'm absolutely in love with the wooden floors!
So here is the view when you first walk into the room.

If you remember the little His/Hers DIY project that David and I did awhile ago, you may recognize the painting hanging over my bed  =)  I absolutely love it there. It brightens up the whole room, and it serves as a happy reminder that this long distance-ness will not last forever! (fingers crossed)

This bed frame makes the whole room feel super girly/princessy, and it is the girliest room I have ever had in my life.  But we found the frame for whooping $0 during Allston Christmas, so I have no complaints!  surprisingly, it's actually growing on me, and I think it ties the whole room together really well  =)

Oh, and I totally stole the two lamps idea from the lovely Mary we stayed with in Baltimore during our drive up to Boston!  (She was the one with the beautiful kitties) she had the lamps set up like so in her bedroom, and I loved it so much that I recreated it for my room  ;)

When you look to the left from the bed, I have the Audrey corner.  She came all the way to Boston with me from Houston, and I love having her here! such a classy lady, that one  =) It's also where my a/c, heater, and the window that wakes me up almost exactly at 7 AM are located.  Yeah, I haven't had to use my alarm clock once since being here... I love my East facing window...  mmhmm...

I had the lights that are surrounding Audrey in my last room too, and they were given to me by my first roomy ever, Alina, and they've been following me around everywhere I go ever since!  =)

Other than that, it's just a bunch of my music, books, makeup, and other odds and ends that reside over here.  Only two things worth mentioning are my DoTerra essential oils collection, which I am totally obsessed with right now (they make life soo much easier, whether it's treating bug bites, treating stuffy noses, coughs, or allergies), and the HEPA air filter, which is the white thing sitting on top of my little plastic drawers.  When we were moving in, I was quite literally sneezing every other minute.  I don't know why exactly, but probably because it was so dusty... I'm uber sensitive to dust for some reason...  so one day, David shows up with this little guy, and my sneezes have gotten sooo much better!  I still sneeze, but it's more like once in the morning and once at night  haha

on the other side of the room, I have my pants rack, dresser, and my table.   
Not too tooo exciting, but I really love my table.  It's an old antique desk and chair set that I found during Allston Christmas for... yup, again whooping $0!  I would have paid for it though if I had to. It's solid wood, and it has so much character!  Perhaps later, I may put a stain or a gloss over it, but I think for now, the little imperfections are totally charming  ;)

and really, one of the best things about this room...  I have 2 closets!!  I know, right?!  any girl's dream come true haha  the doors don't close all the way, so that's why they are both slightly ajar in the picture, but that's a small price to pay for an abundance of closet space in my humble opinion haha  They are really cute inside too since one of them has a built in dresser  =)  

So that's the tour of my small but cozy bedroom in Boston  =)

I really love it, and I'm glad that I do, because I will be (and have been) spending a whooollleee lot of time here studying for my doctorate degree...  le sigh...   haha   at least I have a great place to study  =)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful beginning of the week!

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