Sunday, September 28, 2014

Avaloch Farm Music Institute

Hello everyone!

The Meadowlark Trio is currently at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute in New Hampshire for our residency, and we just cannot believe how amazing this place is...  I mean, we're here, so it must exist, right?  haha  but really, I can't believe somewhere this beautiful and divine can actually exist. But you know what they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so let me just show you around a lil bit.

This is the view that greets us every morning in front of our rooms as we walk outside a few steps to the dining area.  Our chef Will creates magic in the kitchen, literally. and we are so blessed to have incredible food every single meal.

but let me show you where we live first.  Here is the lounging area, which looks like it's straight out of a magazine, doesn't it?

April and I are sharing the Debussy Suite, and Tim is in the Mendelssohn Suite, but as you may expect, he is at our place majority of the time haha

and this is my bedroom.  I mean.  Can it get any cuter?!

Right under our living quarters is our studio - the Stravinsky Studio!

it's really an incredible place to work all day, every day!  and that rug is simply divine, let me tell you what.. I know, because I'm usually on there sprawled out during every break  haha

Anyway, let's now go to the hall where we eat, perform, and sometimes, rehearse and record.

Right in front/next to the hall is this porch, and because the weather has been so wonderful, we've spent a lot of time chilling here in fantastic company, discussing music and listening to amazing recordings.  It really is a heaven for musicians...

I really appreciate all of the antiques that are everywhere.  It was built on a farm, so there are a lot of farm related antiques, and I love all of them!  haha

once you actually go into the hall, here is our little rehearsal/recording space in the corner with the most beautiful piano!  April is IN LOVE with it.

on the other side of the hall is where we enjoy our chef Will's magic.  I mean, the food here.  Ohh myy goodnesss.  It is so good.  And it's really healthy too, but what gets me in trouble are the cookies and the cakes...  mmm  they really shouldn't have it out all day,, my will power isn't that strong  haha

doesn't it look like it's straight out of Pottery Barn or something?  So beautiful!!

We take frequent walks here because,,, well, we have to burn off some of the calories we are consuming..  haha but also, why wouldn't we?  it'd be silly to not explore this incredible property Avaloch Farm is on.

See what I mean?  this is a few minute's walk from where we are living.  It's a boathouse, because, yup, you guessed it.  We are next to a lake.

An incredibly beautiful one.  Sorry the picture doesn't do it justice..  I'll try to take a better one later haha

We are just starting to see the turning colors on leaves, and it's so beautiful already! I can't wait to see fall in full-swing in New England soon  =)

oh, and have I mentioned that we are on an orchard too?  yup.  so many apple trees!  and grapes too!

and the corn field was only around for a day before it got harvested, but it really reminded us of our time in Nebraska where everything began for us as a trio   =)

We feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to come here as a trio.  No place like this exists here in the U.S where musicians can come to really focus on one another without having to worry about life's distractions.  we are surrounded by incredible nature, amazing food, and wonderful company (including the 4 legged ones).   How could we not be inspired?!

We have a couple more days here at Avaloch, and we plan on enjoying it to its fullest!  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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