Friday, September 19, 2014

Otto Pizza and Garlic n' Lemons

Hello everyone,

If you've been reading for awhile, you already know how much I love eating.  Whether it's my own cooking, other homemade cooking, or eating out, quite a bit of my blog content is about food  haha. So it probably won't surprise you that I've begun exploring the restaurants here in Boston!  

One of the best excuses for going out to eat has to be to catch up with an old friend, so that's exactly what we did!  Zac and I go like..  waaayyy back.  all the way back to elementary school.  We went to the same elementary school, same middle school, and to high school, and now, we also have Boston University as our alma mater together  =)

for our big reunion, we chose Otto Pizza.  Zac is a Boston pro/veteran, and he was nice enough to show me around town for the afternoon.

and this place?!  so. amazing.  I mean..  just look at this pizza.
it really was delicious.  I can't remember what it was called, but it had spicy pork, and we almost finished the whole pie by ourselves  haha

I'm so glad to have gotten a chance to catch up with him, talk about all of our experiences that we went through together, and how we have rather different memories about certain experiences, even though we went through it at the same time.  That's what's so fascinating about our memories though, isn't it? it all depends on who does the remembering, and what we choose to remember.

Another new place Zac recommended that I tried with my roomies was Garlic n' Lemons!
great Mediterranean place that's also great for vegetarians!

the food was great, the service was really quick (it's really more like fast food) and the servers were really friendly!  afterall, they are a Mom and Pop, I mean, Mom and Son Restaurant!  ;)

Everything we tried was really wonderful, but I have to say... the Baklava...  guys... the Baklava...  
I would go back just for the Baklava.

It was so great to go exploring with these lovely peeps, and I can't wait for more exploring and more roomy dinners to come!  =)

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by!  =)

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