Sunday, September 21, 2014

Go Big Red!! UNL/Husker Fans Gathering in Boston!

Hello everyone!

Shawn, one of my roomies, and I were in Chi Omega Fraternity together during our undergrad years, and when we realized that another UNL Chi O lives in Boston as well, we knew we had to meet up  =)  Kirstin and I were in the same pledge class, and it was so much fun to get together again and reminisce about our time together at Chi O  =)

For this occasion, we met up at the Porters Bar and Grill to watch the Huskers kick butt.  

There is no official UNL alum group in Boston, but this one might as well be one!  There were so many husker fans, and it was so fun to be back in that game day environment.  Kirstin, who was a Husker cheerleader, led the way when the school song played  =)

I have to say, the food at the bar was pretty good!  I don't drink, so I can't vouch for their beers, but Kirstin and Shawn really enjoyed their beers as well.  Can't remember what they were, but they had cinnamon and sugar around the rim!  hah

It was such a fun night reconnecting with old friends, watching the Huskers among incredibly energetic and invested fans, and meeting new people!  That's the great thing about being from Nebraska, especially being in other cities now.  Once people realize that they are all from Nebraska, it instantly opens up a very friendly line of conversation, and in no time, everyone is hanging out like they're old friends  =)  

I was never a huge football fan during my time at UNL, but I genuinely enjoyed watching the game at the bar with everyone.  Something about the energy, the collective gasps and the groans and the happy shouting during touchdowns...  It was really quite exciting  =) 

Oh, and btw, we won, so that makes everything that much better of course  ;)  
It was a wonderful night, probably the most 'college-y' night I've had in... many years  haha and I can't wait to see and hang out with more Bostonian-Nebraskans sometime soon!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend, and ave a wonderful start of the week tomorrow!
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