Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY :: His and Hers Wall Art

Hello everyone!

David and I are looking at a year (hopefully only a year) of long distance, and well... who likes long distance relationships, eh?  but having something close to you that reminds you of your loved one will definitely help you get through it!  

Thinking about decorating my new room and apartment in Boston really gets me giddy, and during one of my daydream sessions about the decor, I thought it would be nice to create something to hang over my bed in Boston!  Then, I thought it would be nice to create something to hang over the bed together with David!  I had the idea of what it would look like  (something like this)

and pitched it to David over the phone (because we were apart for the whole summer) but he wasn't really able to visualize it, so we put that on hold until we were back together in Houston.

When I got to Houston, I went to go pick up the supplies at the art store, and lo and behold! the canvases were buy 1 get 1 free!  so the idea of creating something to hang over my bed became, let's create 'His' and 'Hers' that can stand alone, but still work together when they come together!  so 'His' will stay with him in Houston for the next year until David (and the 'His' painting) can join me (and the 'Hers' painting in Boston!  =D   yeah I know.  it's cheesier than nacho cheese, but hey, we're looking at an impending long distance relationship here.  we'll take it!

So with our supplies in hand,
--2 canvases
--paint brush

we began our art project.

Now, if it was up to me, I would just dumped the paint, and begin creating something. and then we would see where that leads us, and then make things work with the rough idea of what I wanted it to look like in my mind.  but it wasn't 'MY' project, it was 'OUR' project, so this is where we ended up. A rough draft of what our handy work would look like on a white board.  haha  We each designed our own, and then tweaked them to make them work together

Throughout the project, we just had to step back and laugh at how different we are as people.  I think it works though because I would come up with these crazy ideas, whether it's for an art project, or for our dance routine, and then David would set about making the ideas come true.  and we're pretty good about being flexible... like if I really don't like the placement of the word 'love' on David's design... then he would let me change it  mmhmm  ;)

David wanted a certain type of blocky/bubbly lettering, so we put down a layer of masking tape, and drew the letters out.  Then, we cut it up, and placed it on the canvas so that we could paint the background over it.  We used the plastic wrapping of the canvas to use as a backing for the tape, but we wouldn't really recommend doing that, because after we cut it out, it turned out to be pretty difficult to take the plastic wrapping off of the tape..

For mine, I just wanted a free-hand cursive, so I just free handed mine.

So this is what David's looked like in the middle of the project,,

and what mine looked like haha

so different..

For the colors of the background, we used blue and orange because they are complementary colors, and to apply the paint, we just balled up some paper towels and dabbed it on.  We didn't want a super precise line between the colors and the white part of the canvas or anything, and wanted a more hazy look, so dab, dab, we went!  It felt like a 2nd grade art project, and we loved it!  haha

Then, I free handed my gold fireworks, David and I dabbed some orange paint to make the spheres on his canvas, painted the edges of the canvases gold,,,

and tada!!  Our His and Hers Wall Art  =)

looks a bit different than our original designs, but that's the beauty of art, isn't it?  ;)
Now we just gotta transport my half safely to Boston this year, and David's half next year!

Did you do anything crafty this weekend?
thanks for stoppingy by, and have a great week!

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