Friday, April 19, 2013

Roomy's Birthday!!

Hello everyone!

today is my goofiest-roomy-ever's birthday!!
Amulet and I became roomies this year,
and then boom.
people started saying that we're like sisters,
and that we definitely win the cutest roommates award  ;)  
--ah guys, stop it!  =p haha--

Anyway, to celebrate, David and I did a couple of things and surprised her this morning!

When we were talking about her birthday awhile ago,
she jokingly said that she wanted a barbie cake because she's always wanted one, but never got one as a child.
so that's exactly what we did!
we made her a barbie cake.  haha
BUT instead of a real barbie, we made it an Amulet barbie cake.

This was my first time baking a real cake, and David' first time making a barbie cake,
so it was quite the adventure at 3 in the morning.

The cake itself wasn't too difficult.
We just mixed up the batter, put it in the oven while we prepared other things,
but then as we took it out of the pan, things began to get more interesting...

first, it didn't come out cleanly,
then when we tried to cut the circles out of the cake to make the dome shaped skirt,
things were sliding off of the jam we put in between the layers,
and the layers weren't even... etc etc..

I was getting a bit worried at this point,
but we whipped up some frosting,
and stuck a chopstick down the middle of the cake to hopefully hold it in place,
and everything went much smoother from there!

and the frosting had to be pink obviously. because it's an Amulet barbie!

and we used some leftover white frosting to 'decorate' the skirt,
attached a picture of Amulet to another chopstick and stuck it into the cake,
the Amulet Barbie Cake!!
this picture of Amulet is from our Ugly Sweater Party last semester  haha

Then, because we will sit at our table, doing homework together, 
and finish a whole tub of Trader Joe's Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip,
we made her our homemade version of the dip!
-Jamulet version-
and printed the recipe for her with the picture of the two of us that we are both currently using as our Facebook profile photo.
(ya, what can we say. we're practically a couple.  and our boyfriends are ok with that  haha)

(This dip is seriously so. good.
this morning, after Amulet 'opened'  the gift, we sat at our table and finished half of the bowl  haha
Recipe to come soon!)

Amulet's birthday surprise  =)

haha  such a goof  ;)
Big Amulet trying to recreate the Barbie Amulet.

haha oh Amulet,
happiest of birthdays to you!
you never fail to make me laugh.
and I really enjoy our talks on my room floor,
because somehow, we always end up taking practice breaks on my floor,
rolling around, talking about anything and everything,
and probably laughing a whole lot.

oh, and thanks for always killing those cockroaches. 
because I'm too much of a scardycat to do so myself..  haha


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