Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our pet robot

Hello everyone,

We aren't allowed to have animal pets in our apartment,
(for some reason it didn't occur to Amulet and I that a fish would also count
as a pet when we got our fish here)
but instead of a furry pet of the 4 legged kind,
we have a pet robot.

This is Cuckoo, the rice maker,
aka our pet robot.
mostly, we just call him, 'Pet Robot'

We had a different rice maker,
a more 'normal' kind,
but when my mommy came to visit, 
she was convinced that she needed to replace what she thought was an inadequate rice maker..
so we went to H Mart, and picked up this little (actually kind of big) guy;
a 'pressure' rice cooker.

Ok, can I say,
Why does a rice maker have to be SO expensive?!
This cost an absurd amount of money in my humble college-student-budget opinion,
and I was just really not convinced that this was a necessary purchase.
However, mommy kept saying that a delicious bowl of rice makes all the difference in a meal,
so we brought him home.

Though I was very dubious at first,
 after making rice in it, I am now a believer.
a good bowl of rice really does make all the difference!!
(and I sound uber Korean right now, but hey what can I say, I am Korean! haha)

I always eat brown rice, and they always have this grainy feel to them,
but when I cook them in here, it is no longer grainy, and it is SO good!

and it keeps the rice warm until I want to eat it,
and it has all different settings for different kinds of rice,,,
I could go on and on about everything else it can do,
but I have to say, my favorite thing about our Pet Robot is its timer.
I can tell it to have my rice ready for dinner, and it just does it for me!
I can wash my rice in the morning and set the timer,
be gone at school alllll day, 
and then come home to freshly cooked rice.

the most hilarious part about this rice cooker though,
--and also the reason it is our pet robot--
is the fact that it talks to us in its little robot voice, in Korean.
and it scares the crap out of Amulet every time! 
and of course, this interaction never fails to leave me with a good laugh   ;)

It's been pretty great having him around, 
though once it did have a temper tantrum where the steam kept exploding out of it uncontrollably,
and scared both of us enough to make us stop practicing and run to the kitchen...
but other than that once, it has been a very well behaved pet  ;)

Thanks 'Pet Robot' for keeping us fed and entertained,
and a big thank you to mommy for getting us our pet!
Hope your week is going well!

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