Monday, December 3, 2012

Ugly Sweater Party!

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday night, Amulet and I hosted the Ugly Sweater Party!!
We had to celebrate because we were both finished with school 
(this Saturday could not have come soon enough),
and it was the first day of December!!
(let the countdown to Christmas begin!)

Though it was 80 degrees outside, 
we had so much fun turning our apartment into the winter wonderland!

The decorating ended up being a lot more intense than either of us imagined,
(it took ALLL day)
but it was so fun, and since we were completely over school by that point
(what's practicing?  studying?  who does that?)
we felt completely guilt free devoting all of our energies and time into this task at hand.

This photo was taken during the decorating process  lol
I think we scared our neighbors who happened to walk by as this was happening  haha

But the finished product (Christmas-fyed apartment) was so worth it!
snowman fridge:: mistletoe:: wall mural:: candy canes:: tinsels

And Christmas-fying would not be complete without some good old sugar cookies,
so we baked about 60 of them!  haha
of all shapes and sizes--at least they were whole wheat, so they're healthy...?

Cookie decorating station all laid out for the party  =)

We also put up mistletoe--made of some wrapping paper  haha
It's the holiday season, after all   ;)
Amulet, waiting to be kissed under the mistletoe  haha

And Christmas season (and all other time of the year) calls for watching the movie,
Love Actually.
you can't hold an Ugly Sweater Party without having the movie playing in the background!

our sketchfied fireplace with our stockings!

And before everyone got here, we had to have the roomies photo shoot!
Thanks to David, our wonderful photographer, who had to deal with us bursting out laughing every other second throughout this whole process  ;)

 hugging/climbing our wall... haha

sparkly leggings, ugly sweaters, holiday earrings, and antlers.
yup, we are ready to partay!

more shots in front of our fireplace.
such goofballs  haha

 in front of our wrapping papered doors!!

Then the party started, and it was such a fun night of air conditioning,
 (thanks a lot Houston for being 80 degrees in December...)
sugar cookies, mulled wine, peppermint candy vodka hot chocolate, hard cider,
ugly sweaters,
and of course, wonderful company!

the beginning of the party.
everyone chilling and decorating cookies  =)
 aww the bleeding heart...  haha
cookies, frosting, and wine.  =)
Wonderful peeps, the Amulet cookie, first cookie decorating experience...

And some of the other roomies at the party wanted to have their roomy bonding photos as well  =)
The Berk/Rick roomy photo shoot.  aww  haha

Sometime in the middle of the party.
Ugly Sweater Family Photo!!!

By the end of the party, somehow we had acquire Rudolph noses,
and sad, droopy reindeer antlers  haha

It was such a fun night, and thanks everyone for coming in awesome holiday spirit!   ;)

Happy December and Happy Holidays from our apartment!

Thanks for dropping by!

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