Thursday, April 18, 2013

Last week of school!

Hello everyone!
Why is it that when you are so close, it's the hardest to keep chugging along to the finish line?
I have only 1.5 days of school remaining, but I'm not quite certain that I will be able to make it to the end   haha

Here I am, supposed to be finishing up my thesis that is due tomorrow at 5 pm,
about to go to a dress rehearsal for the final orchestra concert in a couple of hours,
and then perform at the final orchestra concert tonight,
then dress rehearsal of sorts for the ballroom competition happening on Saturday...
so I need to finish this paper! but it just refuses to be written!

It's been a curiously rough week;
I mean, by the way my calendar looks, it shouldn't have been that rough,
but boy, it definitely was.
I'm actually not even sure why...  it just really was.
I'm sleep deprived, stressed, and ready to just go to sleep even though it's only 2 pm.

I think that perhaps it has to do with the fact that psychologically,
I was checked out by Tuesday night.
It definitely felt like it should have been the end of the semester because Mr. Lin's studio party was Tuesday night!
It was such a great night full of amazing food, company, and much laughter.

with these beautiful ladies of our studio  ;)
and cute lap puppy!!  named Pop-C!

 It was so great to be all together as a studio,
meet some of his former students,
and just hang out together.
It was also really fun to see Mr. Lin so chill and cracking jokes all night
--definitely different than our lessons   haha--

But the problem, of course, was the fact that it was only Tuesday night when the party ended,
and we had rest of the week to deal with,
even though we were mentally finished with this school year by the end of this party...

Le sigh...

but! the finish line is sooo close, and I must cross it!
so back to the thesis I go...
I.. love.. Bach..  I.. love.. Bach...

I hope you are all having a productive day today!!

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