Friday, April 19, 2013

Ready to Dance!

Hello everyone,

I've always loved dancing of all different sorts,
and it's always been a part of my life in some form or other.
Recently, I'm sure as you've noticed, main kind of dancing in my life has been ballroom dancing!!
--see my post about our last performance here--
and there's been A LOT of that in my life in the last week or so.
(Not that I'm complaining!  =D)

practice, practice, practice...

The reason we've been practicing so much is because Austin Open,
UT Austin's ballroom competition,
is happening tomorrow!

David's competed in countless competitions,
and he was intensely involved in the competitive ballroom scene all throughout his undergrad years.
I, on the other hand, have had more a 'go out and have fun social dancing!'
kind of a ballroom background,
and I've only competed once in my life (as seen here)
so its' been interesting putting us together to get ready for this competition  haha

so, welcome to our practice sessions where things usually go down like this...

David = so focused.  so serious.  emphasis on technique.

Janny = goofy, emphasis on fun, and trying really hard to move like/with David.

David = the flying jive

Janny = the silly (and passed out from too much exertion) jive

Even though the practices have been getting pretty intense,
especially since we put off learning the routines for the comp until the last second (sigh...)
we still have a lot of fun together,
and manage to leave the practice space after practicing still able to hold hands with one another...
(this may sound odd to you, but I've found that when you're rehearsing either music or dance,
what my grandma calls 'the artist temper' flares, and it can get pretty tense in the room  haha)

But I'm so excited to go to Austin tomorrow with the team,
and dance alllll day!
It'll be my first time wearing costumes and the whole bit, so I'm excited for that too.
I tried on my standard dress (the blue one) for the first time last night,
and was a bit caught off guard by how different it felt to dance in it.
I haven't danced in my latin dress yet, and I won't get to until the day of the competition,
so hopefully it won't feel too different  haha  ;)

close-up of the latin dress that I designed and rhinestoned.
thanks to Sophia for helping!
this would not have gotten done on time if it was not for her  ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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