Monday, April 15, 2013

Wiggle Room and Bach,,, Wiggling Bach?

Hi everyone,

this weekend was absolutely crazy with performances!
Every night of the weekend starting on Friday,
I was involved in a performance of one sort or another, 
and all of these performances could not have been more different!

Friday was our Thematic Programming class' final project performance,
called "Wiggle Room"
It was a thematic concert (a production really),
 and it was comprised of works that were inspired by dance!
-hence the title-

The 5 of us--Torrell-percussion, Yuri-organ/piano, Anna-soprano, Hilary-soprano/composer, and I--
had been working really hard on putting this concert together for awhile now,
so it was really fun to finally get to perform it and see it come to life!

So here are some photos from the concert.
Our first piece,
A Minute of News played by Torrell on Snare,
while the rest of us slowly entered and posed in some dance position.

Les Chemins de l'amour beautifully performed by Anna and Yuri

Yuri.  playing in basically every single piece in the program.
What. a. stud.

 Porgy and Bess by Gershwin

 Hilary. Fierce.
Singing Greek Songs by Ravel  =)

Torrell rocking out on his marimba

I teamed up with Torrell and we played Piazzolla Nightclub 1960

Our final piece, Yo Soy Maria also by Piazzolla,
sung very seductively by Anna  ;)
oh, and with the guest bassist Brandon.

The whole group taking the final bow.
because it really was like a show, not a recital.
There's a huge difference in putting on a show and just performing at a recital... 

With our fabulous teacher, Ms. Susie Dunn!

It was definitely a new experience for me,
being part of something like this,
and though it was A LOT of work, it was also so much fun!
I'm so glad I got to be a part of something so great and work with these amazing people  =)

Then, on Sunday, I was a part of a completely opposite performance experience;
my roomy, Amulet's recital, in which we played Bach's Musical Offering Trio Sonata.
yup. I went from Piazzolla in all his Argentine tango-brothels glory to Bach and his very religious musical offering.
It was really fun getting to play with Amulet (flute), Francesca (cello), and Mike (harpsichord),
and though it was such a headache trying to find time to rehearse when all 4 of us were free,
and also when the harpsichord was free,
it was a wonderful experience, and I'm glad that we get to say that we kidnapped a harpsichord one fateful morning...

I'll be back soon with the performance that happened on Saturday,
which was actually our Rice Ballroom Formation Team's performance,
and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Monday!

*photo cred: much thanks to David, my scientist, who came to all of these performances  =)

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