Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hello everyone!

I'm not a picky eater, and my stomach isn't all the picky either.
It's always been a champ whenever I try different cuisines,
which is a blessing since I absolutely love trying new foods!

but when it's unhappy, boy, does it make that fact known...

Because it's so incredibly unpleasant when it's unhappy,
over the years, I've tried to be super aware of what makes it act up.
And the surest way to make it angry?
feeding it unhealthy food.

As I wrote that, I had the 'umm, duh! of course!' moment.
Of course, it's not going to be happy if I feed it bad food!
but let's be real,
what college student eats healthy all the time?
there's free pizzas, burgers, and fries,,, not to mention cookies everywhere!!
Besides, my stomach, in my opinion, is just waaay too sensitive to unhealthy foods.
If I go a couple of days eating greasy, really processed, or super sugary foods,
my stomach goes on strike,
and all I feel like doing is curling up into a ball and sleeping away the misery.

Then, when I'm able to function again,
I'm left with this humongous craving for fruits and veggies.

I don't think I'm a super unhealthy eater.
In fact, I think I eat quite healthily most of the time, 
and the unhealthy spurts are more the exception than the norm-
thank you fussy stomach...

but last week was pretty bad in terms of my unhealthy food intake,
and then voila.
tummy temper tantrum.

So when I went to the grocery store yesterday,
this is what I brought home.
ALL veggies and fruits.

and this is what I made for dinner last night,
and probably what I'm going to be eating for the next couple of days to detox,
and hopefully, get back on good terms with my tummy  =)

smoothie with plum tea, frozen pineapple, raspberries, apple, cucumber, and squash.

You may think that adding veggies to a smoothie is really weird,
but it actually tasted really good!
 and it was exactly what my body wanted to eat the most.

Of course, I'm not going to be eating just smoothies,
but I'm going to be cutting out all the processed foods from my diet,
(cookies-sniffle,, so sad!-, cakes, breads, burgers, pizzas, and the like)
so it'll be mainly rice, veggies, tofu, and fruits  =)
yumm that sounds so good right now!!

It's kind of funny how much your body wants a say in what you want to eat doesn't it?
I mean, usually, I'm a cookie fiend.
I love to bake them, buy them, eat them,, and eat them some more...
but yesterday, I walked by a huge tupperware full of cookies, and didn't even feel the desire to eat one.
and for me, that is highly unusual.

Do you ever feel the need to detox?
If you do, make sure to do it the healthy way  ;)
Happy Thursday!

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