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Seattle. via food. with Abers.

Hello everyone!

My dearest Abers (April) came to visit Seattle, and as I was looking through the pictures, I noticed a peculiar phenomenon...  They all involved food!
So instead of chronicling her visit by events, here is Aber's visit to Seattle via food.

Well, it all began as soon as she arrived at our house.
Here's Abers enjoying her midnight snack of seaweed soup
I do believe this was precisely 1.5 minutes after she arrived;
my mom is famous for feeding people, future guests beware  ;)

The next day began with Bibimbap for breakfast!
I'm not a big breakfast person, so this was a bit... intense for breakfast,
but it's one of my favorite dishes, and Abers just told me that she likes all of the Korean dishes,
so both of us were happy to consume this... 

Then, for lunch, we enjoyed ourselves at a Korean traditional restaurant called Sula.
Mommy with rice cake soup, Abers with Oxtail bone soup, and me with Galbi soup.
It was a soup kind of a day, if you can't tell  ;)   haha
Seattle lends itself very well to soups and stews in the winter-- yummm!

For dessert, we had some Ho Dduck, which Abers insists on calling hot dogs 
(they do sound very similar, I have to give that to her, 
the only difference is that the vowels-the way they sound-are switched)
and Boog Uh Bbang!
Boong uh bbang literally translates into fish bread, but don't worry, there's no fish in it;
just yummy pastry that looks like fish stuffed with sweet red bean paste!

We skipped dinner that day because,, well, that was a lot of food for breakfast and lunch, and neither of us were particularly hungry...
but we did bake things!
and if you know Abers and I at all, you know there had to be baking involved in her visit.
our past cooking/baking episodes have been documented here and here
so this time, we tried to make Sesame seed balls, which Abers has nicknamed Sesame Eggs,
and some Peanut butter Nutella cookies!!

This has to be one of my favorite cookies we've made so far  =)
you can't go wrong with peanut butter and Nutella!

On the 2nd day of Abers, we went hiking!  
that's going to have to wait for another post because there's too much to document just in the foods department...

After hiking, during which we calculated that we burned about 700 calories,
we went to reconsume those calories in sushi form!
O'Shan Sushi.
Such a cute little restaurant, and if you are ever in Seattle and want to taste some of the freshest sushi ever, we would HIGHLY recommend this place!

We probably should have stopped after sushi,
but we wanted dessert,,,
and I'm always up for ice cream, so we visited Full Tilt.
Their 'small' scoop is giant.  
(in the picture below, the bottom bowl is their 'small' scoop)
We both died a little I think when we first saw that,
so for Aber's bowl, we requested a 'kid' scoop...
(the top bowl,,,)
I have never seen so much ice cream in one place for individual consumption.
Needless to say, we couldn't finish the ice cream
--a personal first in failure to finish the ice cream present before me--
and  neither of us have touched any frozen desserts since then.
Ice cream overload.
Too much of a good thing?
But if you go with, say, 10 friends, Full Tilt is an amazing place to visit!  SHARE!!

On the 3rd day of Abers,,,
omg food.
I can't even believe we consumed so much food in one day!
Both of us just died a little looking back at the photos.
our poor (lucky?) bodies..

ok, here we go.
For lunch, we visited the Pike Place Market--definitely a must!
And we visited Le Piche for lunch!

So. French.
So. good.
We loved the bread, their fries were amazing, Abers loved her egg dish and their mayo, and I...
well, I thought the Pate would be a sandwich... not a hunk of meat...
but overall, it was a really fun experience in a super cute restaurant!

Then we visited this cute little chocolate shop where we both bought fudge!
We loved the samples, but that was enough sugar for both of us,
and we,,, haven't touch the rest of the fudge yet  haha

If you haven't walked around the Pike Place Market, let me tell you, you are missing out!
It has got to be one of our favorite places in Seattle  =)
So many stalls filled with amazingly fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sausages, and fish!
And lots and lots of samples  haha
We weren't hungry at all after our French lunch, but we couldn't turn down samples,,,
so our lunch was our Elevensies, and the samples were our Noonsies...

We also went to this Italian grocery store in the market, and it really felt like we were in Italy!
I forget what it was called, but they had quite a few things I had never seen before..
First French, then Italian..  who needs Europe when you can go to the Pike Place Market?  =p haha

We were incredibly full of food by this point, but you can't visit Seattle without getting some coffee,
so we visited this cute (more like odd?) little coffee shop called Cherry Street Coffee.
Of course, you have to visit the first Starbucks in the Pike Place Market,
but Seattle is also full of mom and pops kind of little coffee shops which are really fun to visit as well.  =)

We should have stopped with the food consumption there, but we didn't...
That night, we went to a Korean BBQ with some family friends  =)

so. good.
but so much meat...  
food baby...

That night, we promised each other that we were done with eating so much.

this promise lasted approximately 12 hours,
and then we hit the Pike Place Market yet again.
for more food.

So, on the 4th day of Abers,
we began by consuming some awesome Hombow for breakfast at the market.

As we were wandering around the market with our Hombow in hand, 
we stumbled upon this Bavarian shop with so much candy!!
Can you say, "kid in a candy store"?  haha

There, we found this Mozart chocolate!
 The pic of me with the chocolates was taken 
as Abers informed me that these were called Mozart's balls...  =/ 

One of many awesome bakeries in the market...
Here, we somehow mustered enough self control to not try any of the amazing goodies staring at us,
but we promised ourselves we would be back to try them later  =)

Our next stop was Le Panier.
The last time Abers and I were together at the market, it was also with our friends Timmay and Michael.
For one of our spring breaks during our undergraduate years,
we came here to Seattle to ski and also to enjoy the city.
We have fond memories of this bakery where Timmay showed off his 'French' skills to the native French speakers of the bakery  ;)   aww, such fond memories!

We were still pretty full, but we just had to have something here for memories' sake,
so we had a little spinach pastry as well as a hazelnut macaroon.
It was our first time trying a macaroon, and...
well, it was quite good, but also incredibly sweet--a bit too sweet.

Next stop was the Beecher's cheese shop where they make their own cheese right there in the shop!
yay cheese samples!!
I was so tempted to buy a block of cheese, but I figured walking around all day with a block of cheese was probably not the best idea, so I restrained myself...  next time, cheese, next time...

Abers and I have never had crumpets, so when we stumpled upon this shop, we decided to go check it out.
We were informed that it was kind of like an English muffin?
We wanted to try them, but we were just so full from all of the elevensies and noonsies and all the other samples that we just couldn't bear the thought of another food product entering our bodies...
It was pretty cool to watch him make all of the crumpets though!

After walking around for awhile, we stopped by the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company stall.
We were still full, but we were told that these doughnuts are a must,
so we stopped by anyway, and we were not disappointed!
Hot, fresh, chewy doughnuts!
Now we understand why it was a must.  =)
My personal favorite was the cinnamon sugar, but the powdered ones were really good too!
An elderly couple told us that they have been coming to the stall for over 40 years!
There's definitely something to be said about a restaurant or a stall that can have costumers coming back again and again for 40 years.

Finally, after spending hours and hours in the market, we decided that it was time to leave.
After all, there are other cool places to explore in Seattle!

Our next stop was in Queen Anne, an incredibly cute neighborhood in Seattle,
and our goal was to eat at the Red Mill Burger.
However, we drove by this restaurant, Homegrown, which has really great, healthy sandwiches,
and we just had to stop by.
I think our bodies were perhaps craving some vegetables after the doughnut episode?

Here, we shared a squash pesto sandwich and black eyed pea and kale soup,
all tiny sized because we were still trying to digest everything else.
We just needed a serving of veggies to round out our diet.

If you are in the mood for some locally grown, mostly organic sandwiches and soups,
we would highly recommend Homegrown!

Then, finally, we arrived at our real destination;
the Red Mill Burger!

We shared a Red Mill Deluxe burger and a side of onion rings.
Abers claims that these are the best onion rings she has ever had!
and well, I love the Red Mill burgers  ;)

perhaps not the healthiest meal ever, but hey, that's why we had all those vegetable beforehand!  ;)  haha

Later that night, we came home, and decided to try our hand at making some Ho Dduck!
We had them the first day, and Abers really took to them  ;)
We got a mix of the pastry ingredients from H Mart, and got to work!

And voila!

Some awesome Ho Dduck!  =)

That concludes our epic food adventures in Seattle.
now onto detox and fasting for at least a week!  haha  ;)
Thanks for stopping by, and happy Monday!

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