Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this Christmas morning/afternoon with your loved ones!
Seattle is trying so hard to give us a White Christmas, but the temperature is a bit too warm for that I guess, so we were greeted with lots and lots of rain today  haha  
(way to live up to the stereotype, Seattle,, lol)

Anyway, our Christmas celebrations began last night when Daddy all of a sudden decided that he would make us a buttered mochi cake!
First of all, what is a buttered mochi cake?
and second of all, when has he ever baked in his life?
the answer to the last question is NEVER.

we were a bit shocked to say the least, 
but he was adamant that he was going to bake us this cake, so the adventures in the kitchen began!
and of course, somehow I got roped into being the assistant...  haha

the role of being Daddy's assistant in the kitchen included...
well, mostly assuring him that things were going fine, like,
"Janny, the oven turned off"
"No, Dad, the oven is still on, it's fine"
"no, but the light went off!  and it doesn't sound like it's on!"
"Dad, that's because it's done preheating..."
"are you sure???"

In the end, somehow, his mochi cake turned out really well!
He was so proud of his first baking project, and thanks to him, 
we shared many laughs as a family, and enjoyed a yummy dessert for Christmas eve!  ;)

Then, the next morning began with excited "Merry Christmas!!!", mostly from me,
and opening presents  =)

For presents from lil bro, we had to do some hunting because they were located in odd places,, 
like these   haha

It was a wonderful morning full of spending some time as a family,
listening to Christmas music,
eating yummy food,
and much laughter  =)

I feel so blessed and thankful to have such amazing family and friends around me,
both near and far,
and I hope all of you are spending an amazing day filled with warmth and happiness!  =)

present from lil bro--baby pooh! AAHH  I definitely still have a soft spot for cute, cuddly, and fuzzy things  haha

Merry Christmas!!!

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