Sunday, December 9, 2012

Puppy Therapy

Hello everyone,

Rice University hosted Puppy Therapy during the finals week so we could de-stress by awww'ing over and hugging the furry bunches of cuteness  =D

Best idea, ever, I say  ;)

Though Amulet, David and I didn't have any finals this week,
(Amulet and my hell week was the week before)
we still went and got puppy therapy and enjoyed it just as much as the poor undergrads who were really struggling through the week,,  poor chaps..

Below is Feathers and another cute puppy (i can't remember her name..)
It was incredible to hear Feather's story, who was a guide dog for a blind person for a couple of years.
I never realized just how smart these dogs are!
The owner said that Feathers learned 40+ commands in the first year that they trained her,
and the commands include things like,
find the elevator, find the door, turn right, turn left, open the door, etc!
What an intelligent and incredibly adorable being!

 And here is a poodle who enjoys posing for cameras  haha
a modeling dog!
The faces of the people in the second photo are priceless!  ;)

Though it was wonderful to meet and hang out with all of the wonderful puppies at the puppy therapy,
I must say that the best puppy therapy dog for me has got to be McKinley  ;)
and now, I'm home, and enjoying the best puppy therapy I could ask for!

He's the first one in my family to realize that I'm home even though he's behind the garage door,
(he starts whining as soon as I shut the car door! how does he know?!)
he's the most impatient to see me 
(he whines up a storm until I come down to hug him),
and he seems to be the happiest that I'm home  =)

my baby!

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend!

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