Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Quarter of a Century!!

Hello everyone,
Today, my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary!!
YAY!!!  =D

25 years is quite a long time!
I mean that's a quarter of a century!
And it seems even longer to me because I have yet to live a quarter of a century
--which makes sense, I suppose  ;)   haha--

To celebrate, I thought we would take a little stroll down the memory lane...
Mommy and Daddy.
Past 25 years.

Together, they brought into this world, a baby girl,,,
who was completely disinterested in taking photos  haha
(I really tried hard to find a good baby photo of myself with my parents,
 but I was apparently not a very cooperative little one..)

And together, the three of us made a pretty happy and content little family.
(though I still never smiled during photos...)

 see? happy and content.

But then, after I've gotten completely used to being an only child for many years,
 they decided to add a baby boy to our family of three.
family of three!  
three people, not four.  

It was a rocky beginning at first for the no-longer-an-only-child, 
getting used to having someone cuter around,
but somehow, the family of four managed to evolve into a pretty happy family of four 
from a family of three in the end  =)
I mean, how could we not?  baby bro was pretty darn cute!  haha

Somehow, our parents succeeded in raising two rambunctious little devils
 into somewhat socially acceptable beings!
(at least we know how to put on a show in order to seem that way...?  haha  =p)
Only they know how difficult that process was...  haha

Both of us even graduated from high school!  =p

What I love about my parents is that they laugh together all the time.
Of course life gets in the way and tempers may flare,
but at the end of the day, they can make fun of one another and laugh together.
Oh, and they are always going on random trips and vacations together.
Then they call me from awesome places and we have conversations like this;
"Janny! we're in this awesome place doing these awesome things!!  What are you up to?"
"...practicing...  in a practice room...  thanks for taking me parents..."

Here's to at least another quarter of a century of enjoying life together!!
Happy 25th Anniversary, dearest Mommy and Daddy!!

hehe, they so cute!

Happy Tuesday!


Bville Yellow Dog said...

Very nice - and yes they are cute.
What brought them to the US?
A daughter and son needing an American education?

Janny said...

Hi Bville Yellow Dog,
for some reason blogger won't let me reply.. =(

but we've always moved around a lot =) not necessarily for education or job every time, and it seems when we moved to the U.S, they just wanted a huge change scenery! yay for adventures! ;)