Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday to My Little Man!

Hello everyone,

Today, my little McKinley man turns 10!
Mom always corrects me when I say "little man" because he is no longer little,
and she thinks he is, in fact, quite large,
but he came to us when he was so tiny!!

in my arms.  a tiny puppy with huge paws!

seee???   AHHH  puppy version of McKinley is SO cute!!!!!

He came to us when he was 3 weeks old because his mom passed away soon after giving birth,
and the owners, Mom's friends, just couldn't take care of 11 puppies.
So Mom went and picked the smallest and the quietest of the litter, and brought him home.
3 weeks is quite early in the developmental stage, and he couldn't even walk very well when he first got home.
I remember Dad asking if there was something wrong with the puppy   haha

This tiny puppy, who made his home in a small cardboard box,
somehow doubled in size in less than a month, and kept growing..  and growing.. 
and growing some more,
much to my Mom's horror   haha

He also grew out of his quietness pretty quickly, and grew into quite a rambunctious little (big) puppy with lots and lots of energy.  
did I mention he has a lot of energy?

Even at 10 years old, he can still outrun most puppies!

Though there were moments of difficulty, as is expected when raising a puppy,
we're so glad you came to be a part of our family little man!
Thanks for putting up with me making you wear my clothing for 10 years (because we're the same size..),

and of providing many hours of laughter and unforgettable memories!!

Happy Birthday Little Man!
and many more to come!  =D

 Much love,

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