Monday, December 10, 2012

My last couple of days in Houston

Hello everyone,

Last couple of days in Houston was filled with... lots of cleaning  haha
Now our tub is sparkling, there's visible floor space in my room, and the car is no longer covered in unwelcomed presents from the birds--oh the joys of parking under a tree..

But it was also filled with awesome people, comfort foods, ice sculptures,
and an early Christmas morning  =)

When people say 'comfort food', most people think of foods like
chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, etc.
For me, when I think of 'comfort food', I automatically think of Korean food.
Of course, there are many, many dishes in the Korean cuisine,
but when you are deprived of Korean food for an extended period of time like I am at school,
any Korean food will do as comfort food  haha

For some reason,
perhaps because the last week of school was the most stressful week of my time here at Rice,
I was really craving Korean food...
so the Korean food marathon commenced!
David was adventurous enough to accompany me on this food marathon;
what a trooper  ;)

H Mart with its many Korean restaurants!!

Bibimbap and Tong Dak!
can't go wrong with these two!

Also, because I had so many boxes of tofu that had been forgotten in the fridge,
we had some more Korean food at home!
This one was much more work-intensive, however, because we were making things from scratch,
and our recipe was,,, in my mom's brain...
so many phone calls both at the grocery store and during the cooking process...
'umm Mom, what was I supposed to get?
What am I supposed to do here?
how much was I supposed to put in the soup?'

but despite the questionable cooking process,
our soup turned out really well!
our soft tofu soup (soon du boo) and an improvised glazed tofu dish!

poor man's dining table = the floor?   haha
we had wanted to eat on the couch, but because there were so many dishes, 
we moved down to the floor  ;)

For dessert, we made ice cream sandwiches! 
Yay for being resourceful and using up the mountain of sugar cookies that were left over 
I ended up eating mine more like Coldstone or Marbleslab ice cream than an ice cream sandwich, 
but either way, you can't go wrong with cookies and ice cream!  ;)

We didn't just eat all week--though that did take up quite a bit of the week--
we also went to the Fire and Ice Hall near the Woodlands and walked around!

Ice sculptures!!  
and my one and only chance to be in a warm fluffy sweater, and still be cold in Houston!

We had originally gone for the ice sculptures,
but what we didn't realize was that it was actually a huge farm full of family-ish things to do!

Gingerbread man decorating station, ornaments decorating station, lighted walkways, and shops

we had fun trying on different things at the shop,,  haha

oh! there were also goats, llamas, ponies, donkeys, and sheep... 
what is this place..?
but it was fun playing tug of war with the goats and this particularly hardy plant they really enjoyed haha

On the morning of my departure,
we had our own Christmas morning under our magazine Christmas tree!!

Presents under the tree!  
for Amulet, me, and David  =)

Amulet had to run out to a taco lunch soon after opening her gifts,
so I don't have photos of Amulet,
but she got something to add to her morning coffee routine and her daily coffee walk  =p
(Amulet's coffee walk -- the slow, measured walk from the kitchen to the dining room table Amulet does every morning trying not to spill her coffee that's filled to the top of her coffee mug.  This is usually not a very successful endeavor as her roommate sits there and laughs at her every time she does the walk, which, in turn triggers Amulet's own fits of laughter.  Coffee, everywhere.)

David also got a bag of coffee related goodies,
one of which was this mug.
the mug that wakes up when you put coffee in it,
much like the person holding it  =p   haha

Hope your Monday is awake as David and the mug in the second photo!  ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

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