Sunday, October 14, 2012

Full House!

Hello everyone!

Last couple of days at our apartment has been full of amazing company and food!
First, Amulet's friend Jessie came to visit, 
then April, who will be here with me for a whole week!! yay!!
and then Grace also came to visit!

As music students, we visit the prospective schools to not only check out the school itself, but also to take lessons with the teachers.  This is important because studying with the right teacher is perhaps the most important thing, and this trial lesson is used to see if the two could potentially work well together.
That's why all three of them were here, 
and awesomely, their visits coincided with the Rice Centennial celebration!

I'm so glad they got to see the Shepherd School Symphony perform/premiere William Bolcom's 9th symphony, as well as enjoy other festivities throughout the week.

One of our favorites was the Centennial Picnic.
(musicians and free food... of course, it was our favorite  lol)
I snapped this photo before we got too distracted by all the amazing food they had.
food truck after food truck, and tent after tent of food!
SO. Much. Food!
I should have taken a picture of how full the quad was with people and food, but I was too busy eating to remember to take photos  haha

Later that night, (because we didn't have enough food at the picnic...), 
April, Grace, and I went on a cooking/baking spree!

When April and I were together at UNL along with our friend Timmay,
we would ALWAYS cook so much amazing food together,
and not having seen each other for so long, a cooking spree was bound to happen  ;)
Also, Grace is an amazing baker!
You'll see here in a little bit what I mean.

Well, we couldn't just eat baked goods for dinner, so we made some falafels,
which ended up looking like cookies,,,  but hey! they tasted great!  =D

Then, came the real baking spree!

Surprise Brown Butter Brownies and Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls!!

April and Grace, so happy to be baking  =)
me, so happy they finally got to meet each other, and also happy to be taking pics  ;)

First we had the privilege of tasting the Surprise Brown Butter Brownies.
April had the idea of incorporating the Cayenne pepper into the batter,
and it was incredible!
It was so funny sharing it with people who wasn't a part of our baking spree team,
because the taste of the pepper doesn't kick in until the very end of eating the brownies!
So. good!

Then came the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Greek Yogurt Icing!

Grace the master baker at work.
With our ghetto Snapple rolling pin...  haha
hey, but it worked  ;)

The final product!!!


Grace said that we should wait for it to cool a little before we try it,
but needless to say, that did not happen  lol


Such amazingness calls for
food toasting!

Falafels                                        Surprise Brown Butter Brownies                 Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

 It was such a wonderful night,
with such amazing food,
and such amazing company!

 It was so wonderful having all of you here!
Come back soon!  =D

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