Monday, July 29, 2013

no internet... but yes Las Vegas!!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long absence, but this week we're at Capistrano Music Festival, and we don't really have internet access, so updating is close to impossible... We're working on getting internet, so stay tuned...

In the meantime, I just want to say that we had an amazing time in Las Vegas getting to chill with our friend Michael!  and you know what this means!!  another city crossed off on my bucket list!!!

Anyway, some photos from the night...

As we were flying into Vegas, we flew over this strange figuration on the ground.  One side of this lake was completely red/pink, and the other blue.  We couldn't figure out what was going on... I think we were flying over Idaho or Utah during this time?  Anyone know what this is?

Then, we finally got into Vegas, and went to celebrate the four of us being together by eating amazing Chinese food!  The four of us go WAAYY back.  WAAY back to beginning of undergrad, and it was so awesome to be reunited once more!

Then, we had to go hit the strip.  Before photo in Michael's backyard  =)

 some more of us four...

oh you know, the uber tourist thing to do...

the night was spent mostly walking around the strip, going into the shops, and trying on this we could never afford...

And trying to find the ring Tim already picked out for his future bride at Tiffany & Co.  haha  the man has the ring, but no woman!  any lady willing to help him out?  ;)

I was more interested in hats.  per usual.   and I was like a kid at a candy store in this shop!  so many hats to choose from!  love it!

And you know how usually street vendors draw caricatures and portraits?  not in Las Vegas!  they 'sculpt' you in the streets!

We ended the night with the fountain show at the Bellagio.  Wow. it was to 'Chicago' soundtrack, and a quote from the night sums it up pretty well:  "I never thought that jets of water could be so sexy!"

I have to say, Las Vegas isn't what I had imagined it to be, and while I would probably go back in the future, perhaps to see different shows (like Cirque du Soleil), I would prefer going to Montana and visiting Lava Lake over visiting Las Vegas any day of the week.  I guess I'm a country girl at heart?   It was a really fun trip though because the four of us got to be together, and I can't wait to upload the Cali pictures soon!

Happy beginning of the week everyone~

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chillin at Lava Lake

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!
Yesterday, we went up to Lava Lake near Bozeman, and we spent the day soaking up the sun and the gorgeous scenery around us allll day.

It was about 3 miles hike to get up to the lake, and while the whole way was incredibly beautiful, the view that greeted us at the top was just...  I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

First view of the lake...

Isn't it just absolutely breathtaking??

The water was so crystal clear!!  

We went all ready to swim... but because the water was as cold as it was clear, Abers and I chickened out..

and was content to just enjoy sunbathing the whole time

Tim, on the other hand, did both!!

and swimming!  crazy kid!  it was so cold! I don't know how he did that...

the larks at Lava Lake =)

look at this Lark sandwich...  bread and cheese...  guess which one is the cheese. Swiss cheese.  le sigh...

We enjoyed chillin and soaking up the sun, and getting some color on my body before heading back to the real world...  miss that place already!

The whole crew on top of this giant rock formation  =)   gotta love those selfies haha

and more shenanigans on the way down...  haha

It was such an incredible day, and I'm so thankful to be spending my summer here in Montana with the people I adore  =)

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week so far and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Crazy Days Sale in Bozeman!

Hello everyone!

It's been sooo crazy around here as we got ready to perform our monster of a program.  Our program included the Beethoven 'Ghost' Piano Trio, the Ravel Piano Trio, and the Shostakovich Piano Trio #2.  It was so tiring, but incredibly rewarding.  

This is how we looked after our performance  haha

Anyway, we are so glad that we got to share the experience with one another and also with the Bozeman community that came out to hear us perform  =)

Though most of our days were filled with rehearsing and getting ready for the concert, we did manage to fit in some fun things here and there, like checking out the 'Crazy Days Sale' right here in Bozeman downtown with Heather and Karissa!
The 'Crazy Days Sale' is exactly what it sounds like!  Crazy days of epic sales!  everything was about 50% off, and all of the stores had brought out their stuff to the sidewalk!  Can we say 'shopaholic's heaven' much? Except of course that it was much cooler than that because it's Bozeman.  so everything is just that much more 'hip' and 'cool'.  haha  can you tell that I absolutely love this place?

Anyway, enough chit chat =)  Here are some photos from the day!
Starting off with this funky bike.

And this really cool antiques store..

I really, really wanted the quill pen pictured below.  It really spoke to the inner romantic in me I think  haha

And it had these awesome handmade chairs sitting out on the sidewalk!   I'm such a sucker for real hardwood chairs, especially if they are handmade and has character. like these guys.

Since they had exactly 5, we had to sit on them as a group and take a photo  ahaha

like I said,,,  crazy sales happening..

More knick knacks..  we thought the frame with the Asian models was pretty hilarious since we felt like the 5 of us represented the majority of the Asian population of Bozeman right there on the sidewalk.

And then we met this awesome lady from Chile who invited us to go salsa dancing!  Here's Tim teaching Abers how to move her hips  haha

Giant bubbles.  who can resist?

And finally, perhaps the REAL reason I love Bozeman so much...
So many adorable pups running around!  I mean look at them!  don't they just melt your heart?

Sigh...  so adorable...
So I leave you with these cuddlies!  Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

out and about in Bozeman

Hello everyone,

Bozeman, MT is such a beautiful place!!  and we've been taking full advantage of it hiking and taking walks around town.  

photo from one day when we were out and about town, and I was getting burned in the intense Bozeman sun...  and Timmay was just showing off his incredibly tanned legs...  =/  haha

on one of our walks.  the serious purple crew

 Playing with a stranger's dog  haha

Bouldering.  yup. we're that intense!  haha
king(s) of the rock.

Then, we went up the 'M' to catch the sunset.  There are easy, medium, and hard ways, and let me tell you. the hard way?  is SO difficult.  It's really short, but it's climbing the mountain at a 45 degree angle the whole time!  but let me tell you what. the view at the top?  so worth it!
I mean,,, look at this view!

The whole crew at the top!

Timmay being Timmay.

 Our Trio!!!!  yay the Meadowlarks!

I loooove this kid so much!  we've been siblings for almost 7 years now, and it's been the best 7 years of my life!  ;)

the sunset at the M

more of the larks!

on our way down, we got startled by this family of deer!  I mean, we were singing at the top of our lungs coming down, but they were still so close to the trail!  it was really quite a magical moment.  All of us were shouting and being rambunctious coming down the mountain, and all of a sudden, when we saw the deer family, we became completely quiet, talking only in hushed tones..

Bozeman, you are so beautiful.  don't ever change.