Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Weekend full of Dance!

Hello everyone!

Last weekend was so busy, but also so much fun because it was full of dance!  =)
First, we got to attend BU Ballroom's Montage, which is a showcase of not only BU Ballroom Dance club, but also many other performance groups on campus.  It was so much fun to see different groups like Irish step dancing, hip hop, and some acapella groups as well.

BU Ballroom Dance club had 3 different groups (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and I was amazed at how many beginners we have in the club!

Look at all of these new ballroom babies!!  and they did so well!

David and I don't get to attend team lessons for beginners because of our classes and work, so we don't know the beginners very well.  We did get to know a few of them a little this night though, so that was really fun!  =)

The Advanced piece was a mashup of chacha, rumba, and jive which David and I choreographed along with the other open couple on the team, Jim and Charlotte.  We had been working on the piece all semester, so we were so excited to see them perform!

Wooohooo!  Lookin good!

Aww they did so well!  made my little heart so proud =)

 David with the boys!

All of the groups did so well, and we left with our hearts full and ready to practice our own routines right after the show. We had initially wanted to go celebrate with some members of the team after the show, but we were feeling rather unprepared for our competition the day after so off we went to practice  haha

On Sunday, we headed off to Brown for their 21st Annual Ballroom Competition!
BU had a pretty good representation there, so we cheered on our team through standard rounds and the syllabus latin rounds before we started our own warm up for the open Latin round.

Ballroom babies!!

with my partner for so many different aspects of my life =)

This was our first open level competition together, and I was pretty nervous about it.  We did have a few funny things happen here and there, as it always happens during the first performance, but overall, we got through all of our routines pretty well!  

As an added bonus, we ended up getting 3rd place!  This was basically our reaction when our number was not called for last place haha

We have been working with Helle, who is the BU Ballroom coach, to get ready for this comp, and we are so thankful that she was so patient with us as we struggled to learn 5 new routines while juggling our work/school responsibilities.  I don't think we had time to practice as much as she wanted us to, but she was always so patient!  =)

love her! =D

If you want to see our Paso Doble routine, I'll link it right below!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!