Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Golden Year

RIP McKinley and Bernie.
You have both enriched my life in so many ways, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Loss is always difficult, but the memories they have left behind and the experiences and the joys they have gifted me will be treasured forever.

There has also been a different kind of loss that has been just as difficult as the loss of my two dear friends, but it's my golden year, and I'm determined to start a new chapter.

It was suggested that I make a list of the things that I am grateful for, and actually, that has helped me quite a bit.  Despite everything, I am very blessed to lead the life that I lead, doing what I love, and to be surrounded by people who are full of love and light.

just a few from my very long list include...
  • family
  • soulmate
  • friends both old and new
  • mentors
  • music (the journey, the experiences, the love, the relationships, the trials)
  • new places and new experiences
  • precious memories and the lessons learned

Life is so short, so unpredictable, so fragile.

Striving to love every moment, every minute, and every being more deeply, more fiercely, and more bravely.