Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Hello everyone!

Yesterday, those of us in Boston (and still in school) had the day off thanks to the Boston Marathon!! Maybe someday, I will go to the race, but that would only be to cheer on people I know because I probably will never run it myself  haha.

Since I couldn't get to school because the marathon route divided my side of the city from school's side, I decided to thoroughly enjoy the day off and do something Z and I have been meaning to do for awhile: taking head shots.  We have been discussing it for months now, but we never could find the time to do so until today.  It was a gorgeous day for photos, even if a bit windy, and we had so much fun exploring the park near my house!

Here are some photos of me taken by Z  =)

And a few of Z taken by me.  

His camera is much more complicated than mine, so when I first tried using it, there were more blurry photos than good ones... =/  But I learned how to use it as time went on (mostly thanks to auto focus) haha

And of course, a photo shoot would not be complete without some sillies  ;)

I feel like every time it was my turn to take photos, the wind would pick up (but it's probably because Z's short hair isn't really affected by the wind  haha).  Literally every few seconds, I had to get the hair out of my face/fix my bangs, etc.  I think there were more photos of me trying desperately to get my hair to stay in place than all of these usable ones put together  haha

A few candids with my hair going in all different directions =)

And since we were both dressed up for our head shots, we decided to get a few photos of us together =)

 my favorite  =)
sometimes, photo shoots can be stressful, but I think the key is to make it fun!  Do it with people you know who will make you laugh and have fun being creative with you  =)

If you were in Boston for the marathon day, I hope you had a wonderful marathon day, and if you weren't, I hope you had a great start to the week!

Thanks for stopping by!

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