Monday, October 8, 2018

Apple Picking! :: Wells, Maine

Hello everyone!

It was blazing hot here in Boston for so long, and then all of a sudden, it became autumn!
Figuring that it will probably all of a sudden become winter, as it often happens in New England, we decided to venture out to do the quintessential New England fall activity before we missed the chance. I've gone apple picking once with my roommates when I first moved to Boston, and I was so excited to do it again with my absolute favorites!

As can be expected with this crew, there were many moments of silliness and much laughter, just how I like it =)

Like this Timo using the tripod as a javelin...?
and me doing something... I don't know what lol

We went to the Spiller Farm in Maine to avoid the rainy weather in Massachusetts, and we absolutely loved it there! It can be daunting to think about driving to Maine, but this farm was only about an hour and a half from Boston! There were plenty of apples, there were also other vegetables to pick if you are interested in that, and the best part? You can just pay for however much you pick!  Most places charge you a flat fee to come pick the apples, and as 4 people who would never really eat $25 worth of apples in any reasonable amount of time, we were happy to just pay for about $5 of apples we ended up picking.

Well, some of us picked, and some of us ate...
and one of us couldn't stop eating long enough to take a picture  XD

In between picking apples, we stopped and put the tripod Tim brought to good use and snapped a few 'family' photos  =)

Why are we so weird...

The whole time we were picking apples, we could hear cows mooing, so at the end of our time at the farm, we went in search of the said cows for Z, who has never been close to cows in his life.  I grew up next to cows in Nebraska, so they're not that exotic to me, but I guess they don't have very many cows in California where he grew up  ;)

Though I literally grew up next to cows (I once lived in Nebraska right next to a field with cows for about a year before our parents bought our place in town), it never fails to amaze me just how big they are when I see them up close.

We fed the cows a few apples (not too many because too many are not good for them), mooed with them, took a few photos with them, and bid them adieu.

By this time, we were pretty hungry, so we decided to pay for our apples and go in search of some apple cider donuts.

Sadly, they ran out of apple cider donuts  =( but we still had an amazing time on the farm, and got some amazing Mexican food on our drive back at Loco Coco's Taco's so I'd say this trip was a success! =)

It's always so amazing spending time outdoors, and I'm so glad we got to fit in this little day-trip with our favorites to Maine before it gets too cold here.

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

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