Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Birthday McKinley!!

Hello everyone!

Today is the little man's birthday!!  I can't believe he is 12...
Such a happy lil pup  ;)

to celebrate, we went on a little walk to our backyard park/forest/hills  =)

man... I just can't get over how beautiful our neighborhood is.  Though I love living in Boston, I just have such a sweet spot in my heart for the Pacific North West, and I hope to live here at some point when I'm all grown up   haha  ;)

Everyone thinks it rains all the time in Seattle, but that's not actually true.  I mean, yes, it rains quite a bit, but no more than it snows in other places in the winter.  It is, however, rare to see a sunny day in the winter, so it was nice to have that for our outing  =)

Though he is 12, he could still outrun most other puppies  ;)

the one nice thing about him aging is that he is a lot better trained now  haha  well, I'm not really sure that it's being better trained as much as him getting mellowed out, but either way, he's much more manageable  ;)  If you would have known him when he was an actual pup...  man, he was a piece of work...  haha

hehe with my parents.  so cute  =)

my bebe!!  he'll always be my lil man  =)

It was such a fun outing, and I hope we get to do some more while I'm here!
Happy birthday lil man, we love you, and we hope you live for many many many years to come!  =)
Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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