Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Insomnia(?) dealings

Hello everyone,

You know those days when you go to bed at 2 a.m. and are completely awake and bright eyed by 6 or 7 a.m.?  it's rather maddening, especially when you were planning on waking up around... oh I don't know,, 9 or 10?  haha   anyway, that happened to me today, and as someone who loooovvves to sleep, I was perplexed and a bit vexed at the same time.  So I moped around for a bit until David suggested that I take McKinley on a walk since it was going to be a beautiful day in Seattle!  and I am soo glad I did because our neighborhood is truly a beautiful place!

So I thought I'd share some pictures of our beautiful neighborhood taken over the past month or so, in case you were also dealing with this insomnia (but it's more like the opposite of insomnia...?  because the inability to fall asleep happens after you wake up...?  meh, I don't know  haha) tendencies as well, and are on the interweb browsing  ;)

lake near our neighborhood...

ahh!  these were the cutest little duckies ever!

and of course, the forest in our neighborhood

our street

Mckinley just enjoying himself on our walk that we took the last day David was in Seattle

and this flying contraption that could gauge the wind and stay afloat without tipping over

McKinley making friends, per usual

our backyard.  Because McKinley is black it's impossible to see him in this picture, but he's peaking out from behind the tree on the top level  haha

our garden!
maybe it's the Nebraskan in me, but I absolutely looove gardens!  and ours is looking pretty prosperous, eh?  ;)  haha

Harvest from today.  =D     some lettuce, green onions, and some sesame leaves!  I think we're going to have some Korean BBQ tonight to eat with these lovelies!

I hope you have a fantastic day!  
Thanks for stopping by!

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