Saturday, June 8, 2013

Highway 101 road trip!

Hello everyone!

The last camping day of our trip in Oregon was spent driving up and down Highway 101 along the coast, and man!  It was SO beautiful!

I mean, just look at this beauty!
and it was just taken randomly on our drive.  I'm telling you, every stop we made, we were greeted by views more beautiful than the one before!

Then, we saw a sign for the Tilamook factory, so we made a little pit stop to 'tour' the factory and eat lots of cheese and ice cream!  You already know how much I love ice cream, so I was definitely loving this impromptu stop!

ahhhh!  and though I'm sure this is probably exactly the same as the ones you buy at the store, having bought it at the factory made it seem just that much more special  ;)

Then, we kept driving and driving along the coast line...

Until we reached the Sea Lion Cave!!  The America's largest sea cave!
Initially, we thought that it was much closer than it actually was...  (it turned out to be about 3-4 hours away from where we were) but it was pretty cool to see!
Most of the sea lions were outside and not in the cave, so we went and visited the outside ones first.

and then, we went down and down and down in an elevator to reach....   
It really was huge!!
Unfortunately, there weren't very many sea lions down there, but we still saw a couple of them push each other off of the center rock, and indulge in such other sea lion-ness.
Can you see the baby sea lions on the middle rock?

Then, we climbed some stairs to reach this view point!
How exciting it must have been for the captain who discovered this cave for the first time!  

These sea lions scared the crap out of me because they jumped out at us as we turned the corner...  but they turned out to be pretty harmless in the end, so we took a photo  ;)

More fake sea lions!  haha

When we got back, we enjoyed another campfire meal of campfire pizzas!
As my roomy pointed out from the photos, it is actually more of a sandwich, but we used pizza sauce, so we're gonna be calling it 'pizza'! 

We basically piled the ingredients (pizza sauce, cheese, sausage, lettuce, and onions) into the sandwich roaster, and stuck them in the fire. 

Here's my daddy and my man roasting away!  =)  aww aren't they cute!

the finished product!

and here's mommy enjoying her pizza  hehe  

more cuties by the fire  ;) 

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  Any of you enjoying some campfire-ness?
Thanks for stopping by!

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