Friday, June 7, 2013

Easy Campfire Dinner!

Hello everyone!

Before I post more beautiful photos of Oregon, I thought I'd fit in an idea for a campfire dinner =)  This is what we had for dinner one night, and it was so easy to make, and a huge hit with everyone!!

It may not win a beauty contest, but when is that ever a goal when you're camping, eh?  ;)  and it sure tasted awesome!!

To recreate this, all you need is:
BBQ sauce
whatever you want in your campfire dish!

We chose some beef, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, cauliflower, and carrots.

All you have to do is:

Put as much (or as little) of the ingredients you want in your foil, but make sure you have enough foil to securely wrap your dinner once you have put everything in!

Then, pour some BBQ sauce over the entire mixture, and give it a good massage!

To wrap, we put two longer sides together and folded them a little to secure (this makes sure that the two ends don't fly open while you're handling them in the fire), and then rolled the other two ends up to make a little burrito shaped packages.

And then, you throw these little babies into the fire (we had little rack in our firepit, so we set it there), and wait for 10-15 minutes!  That's it! 
By the end, you should be able to smell the goodness cooking inside, and if you're like us and are famished from having spent the whole day hiking, you'll have to employ a significant amount of self control to let it cook all the way!  haha

Oh, and we threw these little guys in there as well to enjoy after our meal.  Fire roasted sweet potatoes!  seriously to die for!   Make sure you wash them before you throw them in the fire since the moisture will help them not burn  =)

 So there it is folks!
Easy peasy, and soo satisfying  ;)

For dessert, you have to have some s'mores!

I hope you enjoy this easy dinner idea for your make-shift-kitchen-in-the-woods!  ;)

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