Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day! *and a gift idea!*

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Father's Day weekend!
Sadly, my daddy is going to be gone for Father's Day  *sniffle*  because he's at a conference in Florida, but I still put together something for him to enjoy when he gets back!

My dad has spent a lot of time in his office recently due to majority of his team going off to a conference, so I decided to get him something for his office.  I could have gotten him a mug, or a pen, or pictures, or any other decorative knickknack, but I thought it would be nice to get him something that would actually be 'good' for him.  As in, an air purifier.  Because, you know, when you're spending a lot of time in an office space, it would be nice to have purer air to inhale... you know?  But I didn't want to give him an actual, mechanical, air purifier...  because none of them look very beautiful...  haha   so I decided to get him a plant! Scientists at NASA have recently discovered just how great plants work at purifying the air you breathe every day, and if you want to check out top 10 best air-filtering houseplants, go here.  I could have gotten one of the top 10, but I figured just any old plant would do the trick, so I picked up this cute little guy along with a this tiny planter at Home Depot!  

a 'Green Goddess' plant.  so I suppose it would actually be a cute little lady...?  haha 

Anyway, putting it together was really quite simple.
Put some rocks down at the bottom to aid in drainage because I was told that having a well draining planter is very important for this plant.   but I was also told that once it is situated, it's a pretty hardy little guy, lady, which was also very important criteria when I was picking a plant.  Don't want to add more responsibility at the office than he already has, right?  ;)

Then fill it with soil and move the little plant over to her new home, and voila!
There you have it folks!  Cutest little air purifier!

For now, she hangs out with one of our other plants on the kitchen windowsill, but once daddy gets back from his conference, she'll move to her new home at the office!

I hope you are all enjoying spending time with your loved ones this weekend, and once again, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  =)

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