Saturday, June 29, 2013

I love shopping!! for groceries!

Hello everyone,

It's a well known fact that most girls like to shop, and I am of no exception.  Except the shopping that I get most excited about is groceries!  haha  Ok, so don't get me wrong, I like retail therapy just as much as any girl, but for some reason, I also really really love to go grocery shopping!  As I've found out, I'm not that odd, seeing as my roomy and my man both like to go grocery shopping so we have a grand old time visiting our local grocery store and Trader Joe's when we're together  haha  We especially enjoy the bakery and the bulk foods sections, and of course, the samples!!  

Anyway, local grocery chains are fine, but nothing beats shopping at farmer's markets! and we all know my obsession with the Pike Place Market in Seattle, but yesterday, mommy and I stumbled across this random farmer's market on the side of the road our way home!  I was driving, so of course, we pulled over to check it out  =)

haha pee wee avocados!

Look at this sight that greeted us!   Fresh fruits and veggies everywhere!!  and all locally grown!

the giant box of strawberries came home with us...  and some of the plums...

I was very tempted to get the rainier cherries too, but we had already gotten so many fruits that I resisted,, somehow..

What are Casaba melons, exactly?

Anyway, we (more like I) definitely plan on going back again and again!
And here we are, back home, trying out our purchases.  Though I absolutely LOVE fruits, and I would eat only fruits for meals if I could, strawberries are usually not my favorites because most store bought ones tend to be hit or miss, and if you miss, oh boy are they sour!  But these!  mmmm  They were SO good, so so juicy, and sweet!

And this morning, I did have just fruit for my breakfast  heh  =p

I love you farmer's market!  I shall be back soon!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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