Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Daon and Tristan Wedding

Hello everyone,

On May 2, our whole family flew over to Charleston, SC to celebrate Daon and Tristan's wedding! Daon's family and my family have been best friends since we met in Nebraska 14 years ago, and our parents' friendship has prompted the move of both of the families to Seattle when my parents decided to move there 7 years ago. Needless to say, Daon and I have been on countless family vacations together since my elementary school days, and it was so special to get to celebrate with Daon and Tristan as they began this new chapter of their lives together!

It was a beautiful day for a wedding, and here are a few of my favorite snaps from the day!  Much thanks to my baby bro and my fiancee for taking all of these photos!  =)

The day of the wedding began at the girls' beach house.  Daon and us bridesmaids rented a house together, and it was so fun to have a base where we could be together and get to know each other a little better throughout the weekend.  

None of the bridesmaids actually knew each other before the wedding, but that soon changed.  I mean,,, when pole dancing (bachelorette party) is one of the first activities you do together...  haha 

the organized chaos of girls getting ready together.  and note, the blender.  what can we say, we're a resourceful bunch.

The beautiful bride getting ready  =)

The wedding was at the aquarium, which was so unique! and I thought it worked really well  =)  Our dressing room was in one of the classrooms, so that's why you see so many posters for strange underwater creatures in the background  haha

We put together our own bouquets, and thank goodness for Michelle!!  She was a pro at it, which was definitely helpful since I don't think the rest of us knew the first thing about flower arranging!

the girls all ready to go!!

and the boys!

Daon's dad (center) with his friends (left is Minji's dad--another family friend) and my dad (on the right)!  So sweet to see old friends reunited!  the tree musketeers  =p

mommy =)

it was a beautiful ceremony, and everyone was so happy for them to finally tie the knot!  I think they have been together for... 10 years??  They started dating freshman year, and have both gone through med school and internship and residencies,,, so...  something around that number sounds about right!

the happy couple!

with my scientist-turned-photographer fiancee  =)

The happy couple with the bride's side of the family

and both sides!

the wedding party!

a little behind the scenes action..  haha

3 of my favorite men! they even sort of matched! =)  Do we look alike?  haha

I love them so..

me and Daon!!

Daon with her parents!

my family!  so much love!  =)

the family friends group.  so sweet  =)

and of course, my favorite baby bro!

After a round of southern comfort food, we took a tour of the aquarium (sorry, no photos since most of the sections were too dark..) and then the dancing began!

Their first dance!

It was such a fun night, and we were so happy to be there for Daon and Tristan on their big day! They are such a special couple, and we wish them nothing but happiness in their future together  =)

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