Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tristan Chocolate and Le Deck

Hello everyone,

What is better than incredible Swiss chocolate?
Unlimited sampling of incredible Swiss chocolate of course!

If that interests you, keep on reading  ;)

Tristan chocolate is a charming little chocolatier located in an unassuming small Swiss town of Bougy-Villars.  It has slightly strange hours, but when it's open, you will most likely get to meet the legend himself, Tristan, at the shop!

Tristan was very welcoming, and generous enough to pose for a photo with us, but the smell and the sight of what was waiting for us in the shop through the window had us basically sprinting inside as soon as the photo was taken! 

Welcome to a place completely filled with little morsels from heaven.

The best part?
You can taste and sample every single thing they offer in the shop!

guys, this chocolate is incredible!  If you are in the area, or even if you are not, make the trip and go experience it!

So many different kinds, and all so delicious!  
My favorites included the coffee dark chocolates, green tea matcha chocolates, and all of the ones with nuts in them  ;)

Having eaten our weight in chocolates, we picked out a few gifts to take back home with us to the United States. We couldn't take too much though because they recommend eating the chocolates within 10 days of purchase.

They also make sure to send you on your way with your choice of truffle, so we definitely left a happy camper  ;) 

As delicious as chocolates are, if you eat too many of them at once like we did, you will find yourself in dire need of a drink.  To remedy this situation, Ee-mo took us to the most picturesque place for a drink! 

Welcome to Le Deck!

I mean, have you ever seen a bar with a better view?

Our friends in Switzerland like to mix apple juice (made right in town) and sparkling water, so we had that a lot, as well as some iced coffee, but I would go here mostly for the view  ;)

I'm so grateful for Ee-mo who took the time out of her day to be the best tour guide for us as well as coming to our concerts in Switzerland!  

If you have a local friend who can show you around, I think that's the best way to experience any place, but I hope we were able to show you a little bit of what you can do in Switzerland if you don't happen to have a local friend!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!

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