Monday, June 19, 2017

Avignon Markets

Hello everyone!

On our last day in Avignon, we dropped by the markets of Avignon before heading out to Aix-en-Provence!

Les Halles is a covered market that is open from Tuesday-Sunday, but on this particular day, there was even an outdoor flea market happening at the same time right next to it! It was basically a farmers market lover's dream come true.  ;)

There were so many different vendors, but of course, this antique camera stall caught our eyes...

We may have wanted to take one home with us, but since we had very limited space in our luggage (as in, none) we just admired them for a bit before continuing down the stalls.  Maybe next time  ;)

After wandering around amidst the weird and wonderful offerings in the flea market, we headed indoors for what we really wanted...

food.  ;)

Farmers markets have always been my favorites.  The colors, the variety of food, the interactions with the vendors, the samples...  What is there to not like?  With a chocolate croissant in hand, we walked around like kids looking for treasures.

and the treasures we found!!

Mouthwateringly delicious rows and rows of colorful fruits!
and so cheap as well!

having picked our choice of gems to take with us, we did our final stroll through the city before heading back to our studio to pack up. 

We loved having Avignon as our home base for our stay in the region, and we would definitely love to come back in the future  =)  I hope you've added it to your list of places to visit as well  ;)

Till next time!
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