Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poe the Poet

Hello everyone!

Today, I bring you this wonderful poem by Poe.  I'm all for science, but there's a rather big part of me that is really drawn to this poem.  There's something incredibly magical about so many things in nature that science just cannot (perhaps should not) touch.  Oh Mother Nature. I mean, look at everything around us; the abundance of beauty! and life!

But I am not much of a poet.  Actually, I am not a poet. Period.  I don't even read poetry. Well, until a short while ago, that is.  I have recently started reading a few poems here and there, and surprisingly, I have really enjoyed them.  You see, it all started because one of my best friends, April, is very much so a poet.  We are polar opposites, Abers (she has many nicknames) and I, but hey, they say opposites attract!  I write research papers, she writes Haikus; I focus on the plot, she focuses on the flow and the beauty of the words; I look at the practical side of things, she sees the romantic; I like cardigans, she likes grandpa sweaters... Need I say more?  haha

Here we are!  Joon and Abro.  salt and pepper.  peanut butter and jelly.  etc. etc.

She is one of the most sensitive, generous, caring, and goofy people I know, and I feel so blessed to have been attached at the hip for the past couple of years.  Oh yeah, and she is one heck of a pianist as well  ;)  look for us as we collaborate and attack some awesome piano/violin sonatas! (she'll probably change the word 'attack' in the last sentence to 'love' or something like that)

Who are your favorite poets?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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