Monday, May 28, 2012


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I am sure everyone remembers their Prom night.  Whether it was the best night of your life or the worst night of your life; whether you went or decided it was too lame to attend; whether you enjoyed having a thousand pictures taken by your parents or your friend's parents or not...   I, however, do not have any memory of my Prom night because I attended one of probably very few high schools in the U.S. that did not have a Prom.  We had MORP instead.

As I mentioned in yeterday's post, I attended this arts boarding school called Interlochen Arts Academy.  I guess the first class of IAA decided that we were too artsy to have a Prom.  It would have been impossible to recreate the 'authentic' prom experience anyway because, well, probably only 1% of the student population had parents close by who could take photos and let high schoolers commandeer their house for the night. Also, our campus was in the woods about 15 minutes from a nearest city, so the whole dinner at a restaurant and the limo ride to the dance would have been quite difficult.  So instead, we took pictures among ourselves on campus, ate some food at the school cafeteria, and took a school bus to the dance space at a near by city (Traverse City). Don't get me wrong, students usually had a blast at MORP, and I have very fond memories of both MORPs I attended, but it was definitely not your typical Prom night.

Last Saturday, I got to experience my first 'real' Prom night!  Don't worry, I didn't actually attend (cougar much? haha).  It was my lil brother's Prom night, and I got to be there for the whole corsage and boutonniere, couple photos, and the group photos because it was at our house!  It was extra fun for me because I have never been able to attend any of his activities because I've always been away at school for the past 6 years...  so basically I've missed all of his middle and high school years  =(  so sad...  Yes, there have always been photos of his football games, his concerts, his hip-hop performances (because he's a heck of a dancer), and etc, but it's just not the same, ya know?

So, here are some pictures of my lil bro's Prom night.  sniff..  he's so grown up...

Lil bro and his lovely date, Cheng

Double Boutonniere action.  There was the classic 'Ow!' as well!

The whole group.

Before they went off to dance their night away, I made him take a photo with me as well.  but just one. 

what a stud.

Ok, so I didn't make him take just 1 photo with me..  I made him do a whole photo shoot...  lol    Poor lil bro ended up taking photos for like 2 hours straight, but that's what older sisters are for, right?  ;)

Stay tuned for some footages of our pre-Prom Joo family children photo shoot  =)

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