Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Ankle Booties!

Hello everyone!

As much as I would like to state otherwise, I am not much of a crafter,,, yet.  haha  I really enjoy seeing all of the DIY projects on Pinterest though! (I have given this site so many hours of my life, albeit gladly)  so when my ankle boots lost one of its jewels, I decided to try my hand at my first DIY project.

I had been looking for a pair of nude ankle boots for awhile when I happened upon this pair on sale!  It was I think 20 bucks?  It was too good of a deal pass it up, so I went ahead and purchased it despite the obnoxious fake jewel that was attached to it.  Luckily for me, the jewel soon fell off (I might or might not have had a hand in its demise), and I was able to find a more suitable substitute.  For awhile, I thought about wearing the boots without any decorations because initially, I had wanted just a simple and understated pair of nude boots.  However, when I found this little gem at a fabric store, and I just knew that it belonged with my boots  =p   It was perfect; simple, yet beautiful and elegant.

I thought that I would get to do some cool crafty things to attach it onto my boots--perhaps a bit of sewing??  However, the fabric lady took one look at me and handed me a bottle of fabric glue instead!  When I tried to protest, she shut me down with a "No, honey. Trust me. It's for you."  If she didn't have that awesome Eastern European accent, I might have protested a little more, but you know... she was a little intimidating!  haha  but it was probably for the best that I took her advice--the glue worked so well, that this project literally took 2 minutes!  And I'm very happy with how they turned out  =)

The nice thing about Seattle weather now is that it's warm enough to wear a dress, but cold enough to wear ankle boots with them.  So, I took my new creation out for a stroll today, and after the little outing, I went frolicking in my back yard.

and frolickings should always involve jumping!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Unknown said...

You are just the cutest!

Janny said...

thanks Kaylee! =)
but you, my twin, can't say that when my hair is only a feeble attempt at copying the awesomeness that is your hair ;)