Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Love:: Five People You Meet in Heaven

Hello everyone!

One of the many things I would do if I had an extra day in the week is to spend allll day reading.  =)  Ever since I was little, I had a hearty appetite for books: instead of hiding a Gameboy or whatever else other kids hid inside of the textbook to watch/read during class, I was hiding a different, more interesting, book inside of the textbook and reading that while the teacher lectured...  I know. What a rebel.  Could I have been any more nerdy?  But I have come to embrace my nerdiness over the years, and hope to be a proud owner of a huge collection of books some day.   Here is the beginning of my very own library!!

ahh.. it makes me so happy  =)

One of the books I would like to add to this library, is The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  One of my good friends, Alexios, who is as much of a book warm as I am (if not more  =p) recently let me borrow this book and I absolutely loved it!

Orchids!  pretty heavenly flowers, I'd say =)

Once I started, it was quite difficult to put down!

As the tittle suggests, it is about a man, Eddie, who dies, and goes to 'heaven' and meets 5 different people from his life.  These 5 are there to explain how each of them have been affected by Eddie during their lives, and how they, in turn, have affected his.  Whether or not you believe in heaven, or anything resembling an afterlife, this is a beautiful book about how everyone is connected and how even the littlest of actions can have big consequences even when we don't realize it.
AND the last person Eddie meets in heaven!  ahhhh.  so good.  but I won't spoil it for you  ;)

Well, dear readers, I hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I have when you get a chance to read it!  I would also love to know different books you have enjoyed  =)  I read basically anything and everything!

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Have a great weekend!

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