Saturday, April 4, 2015

Couple Friends!

Hello everyone,

You know how, in How I Met Your Mother, Lily and Marshall are forever in search of couple friends? For most of the show, they are the only attached people in their friend-group since rest of the friends are either unhappily single, unhappily in a relationship, or happily jumping from one significant other to another for like 10 years...  and we are beginning to see why they were searching for attached friends.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with hanging out with your single friends. In fact, for David and I, most of our closest friends are single, and we absolutely love hanging out with them!  

However, when the opportunity presents itself for a double date, we are on it!  It's definitely different when your friends are attached and you can hang out in a double date setting; you can talk about all the couple-y things like weddings, the fun (and the challenges) of living together, and others that you may not necessarily get to talk about with your single friends.  
Besides, 4 is the perfect number for most board games, so you know...  haha  

In Houston, we had our resident double daters, Amulet and Chris, and we are happy to have found more double daters here in Boston!  Actually, a lot more of our friends here in Boston are very seriously dating, if not married to, someone.  Maybe it's a sign that we are getting older and so are our friends..?

Anyway, our age doesn't keep us from playing games well into the night, and we did exactly that with this cute couple  =)

Rachael and I were suite mates this summer at Garth Newel, and have been close ever since!  So glad I still get to see her all the time since we are in the same studio at BU!  haha  Also, both of our guys are sciency types, so a double date just HAD to happen!  ;)

playing Splendor

It was such a fun night (though rather late.. we found out that playing 3 board games was too much for 1 night  haha), and we look forward to many more when David moves here!

ok, so how many scientists and musicians does it take to take a timed photo?  

well, in the end we did get one!  
After all, among the 4 of us, we have 4 graduate degrees! 

Another couple we love to hang out with is Daon+Tristan couple!
We've gone on double dates before and it seems that our theme is food!  I am totally ok with this theme  =)   Last time it was the Marliave, and this time was La Morra!  It's a quaint little Italian restaurant, and it was incredible!  everything we tried was so. good. and my friends I've sent there have loved it as well, so it seems that you just can't go wrong here!  Definitely make a reservation before you go since it seems to be pretty popular!

Instead of bringing out butter and bread, they brought out some cheese... not cottage cheese, but something different..  Ricotta?  I didn't really have it because I'm slightly lactose intolerant, and it just looked like trouble for my tummy, but everyone else liked it!

we ended up ordering a few tapas and many mains, but we got side tracked chatting and eating, so not too many photos, sorry!  It was delicious though, so we'll have to go back. because you know. photos for the blog is important...  mmhhhmm  ;)

David is coming back to Boston later this week, and I'm SOO excited to eat our way around Boston again  =)  Please let us know if you have any restaurant recommendations!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

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