Wednesday, April 29, 2015

East Ocean City

Hello everyone!

I'm sure we all have one of these friends; someone who is so picky about food that when they recommend a restaurant, you go try it, no questions asked.  Ours is Grace, so when she told us to go try East Ocean City, we did!  and we were definitely not disappointed.

It's a Chinese-Seafood restaurant in Chinatown very close to the Boylston stop, so it was a very easy stop after our date at the Boston Commons.

We ordered some clams with black bean sauce and lobster with ginger and scallions as the main dish, and oh. my. word.  These were incredible.  If you haven't been here, you have to go try it!   

I mean, just look at them...

We also ordered some green beans, because that's our staple.  I think we order it every time we go to a Chinese restaurant  haha

The atmosphere is nothing fancy, and we were sitting right next to the fish tank where the chefs were literally fishing for their next victim, but I guess that's why everything was so fresh! I would rather not see my food in its alive-and-kicking status, honestly, but the food was so incredible that we are totally, definitely, going back for some more of that lobster the first chance we get!

If you are a seafood fan, we would definitely recommend trying this restaurant!  Please let me know what you try as well if you go so that we can try it next time  =)

Thanks Grace for recommending this awesome restaurant, and thank you all for stopping by!

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