Tuesday, August 13, 2013

San Fran with the Larks!

Hello everyone,

My hopping around the United States is almost coming to an end!!  It's been a crazy wonderful summer of Houston-Seattle-Oregon-Bozeman-Las Vegas-SoCal-San Fran-Seattle.  I am so blessed to be pursuing something that allows me to travel so much, especially since it's with two of my best friends  =)   This summer has really been an amazing one for our trio, and it's been exciting to see our group grow as a group, and also to meet amazing people along the way.  We are now in Seattle to perform one last time for the summer, but I wanted to share some photos of the lovely city we just left: San Fran!  It was kind of funny because I was just there for spring break with my man a couple of months ago, and it certainly brought back amazing memories, especially since we also visited Berkeley this time to see baby bro and my dear friend Alina again!

Anyway, we got to enjoy a couple of days in this lovely city of San Fran, and we can't thank Timmay's sister enough for letting us stay with her!  It was such a different experience too, staying in the heart of the city and exploring via the public transit instead of driving in from the suburbs!

walking around downtown...

We also got to meet some amazing faculty from San Francisco Conservatory and had a few coachings!

and if you haven't had Bi-Rite ice cream, and you're in the San Fran area, please, do go right now! so. soo good.  =)  Their Salted Caramel. Oh my goodness.  Just go try it (and all the other awesome flavors) and tell me it was not worth the trip into the city  ;)

One of the days that we stayed in the Bay area, we took the Bart over to spend a day in Berkeley with baby bro and Alina!  As we were wandering around waiting for them to both get off work/get done with class, we stumbled upon this store.
Too perfect. Isn't it?  haha    so sad..  =p  

Then, we met up with Alina and walked around the Berkeley campus  =)  It was so nice having my bestie roommate from high school and my bestie from college years both with me!  and they seemed to hit it off right away as well which was awesome!  but I mean, I knew they would, how could two awesome peeps not get along, right?  ;)

Oh, and funny story!  As we were walking around the campus, we happened upon this hip hop group rehearsing, and I said, "haha! that looks like something baby bro would be doing!"  When I looked around the group though, I didn't see him, and then I promptly got distracted by this adorable little puppy.  A second later, Abers poked me in the side, and pointed to this random kid in the back who was waving at us, and it was baby bro!  haha!  It was so funny, and we laughed about it all evening  =)
we ended the night with a lovely dinner with everyone, and then Abers and I took the train back into the city!

Oh San Fran, you wonderful city, you!  with amazing mochas. and beautiful people. and colorful buildings!  I would really love to live there one day  =)  Thanks for being the background for some incredible memories!

Next stop?  Seattle.
the view coming into Seattle

We just got back from a camping trip to the Goldmyer Hotsprings, so stay tuned for the update!  It is such an incredible place, and I can't wait to share the pictures with all of you!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

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